January 13th 2017

by Kristina January. 15, 2017 225 views

Friday 13th! Oh dear.... nothing bad happened. Apart from my cold starting to appear. My colleagues daughter was ill. How sad she was. Made me think about the split between job and family. I think that is the difficulty I am facing at the moment. Teaching is a job where you have to give your all. I used to. Now, I feel as though I am making that difficult decision. I don't want my life to be dictated by my job. I want my family to the centre. I want to experience things with them and snuggle with a good book. I want more texture from my life. Teaching does not allow for that. I cannot see myself always being a teacher. I cannot see it at all.

My photo out of the window today includes the awful snow we got from a storm....

Days gone by

Snow storm! Days gone by

As you can see, it was truly awful.....

I tried these crisps today. Now they really, really are awful!!! I tried the tiniest bit and they were horrible. Started tasted of gin then end up tasting of chocolate. All the time, there was a hint of fried potato in there. I wonder who came up with this?!?! Who tried them and thought they tasted nice. I have comedic visions of a board room with rich business men thinking it was a good idea. It was not!

Challenge 365

Photo 365 - Wrong. Just wrong!

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