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Yoschi Guest House, the place we stayed overnight for Mount Bromo visit. The garden decoration at there was very nice. Address: JL. Wonokerto, Sukapura ,…

Sukamade, a turtle saving and protected area at Meru Betiri National Park, East Jawa, Indonesia. Have a visit here on Jan 2015, very calm and nice place, saw…

trying to made some bird “portrait” feel a like~ with high contrast details with alot of dark shadow

The photo was shoot at 27th Feb 2013, 2:07am and it was a full moon night. Per-processing using “Plastic Warp” fillter effect in photo shop.

Found this on last Saturday, when I was going to Chiling Waterfall. Its alot there, is very surprise when I saw these.

为何在这里 疲倦象半醉 曾在这空间 跟你相拥抱 只有唏嘘的追忆 无言落寞地落泪 谁在这晚里放纵与她温馨 无尽空虚 似把刀锋静静穿过心窝 woo… 期待的爱 怎么一生总不可碰到 woo… 仍然在这里 无力象半醉 谁令我的心 此际多冰冷
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