5.19.09 -Unconventional

by Kelly May. 19, 2009 1078 views

I, am slightly crazy, for a few reasons. One, I've packed my schedule so full I'm an anxiety ridden gal these days. Two, I'm not sleeping so well in my anxiety ridden state. Three, I sometimes believe in some unconventional things.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which makes me an unattractive desperate for a good nights sleep. I read once in a feng shui book that you sleep best with your head to the north, toes to the south. My bed in my room is normally aligned head to the south, toes to the north. So this early early morning at 3am, 5 hours after tossing and turning to no avail, I decided to flip my bed so I'd be sleeping head to the north, toes to the south. You can see how weird looking this is, but I figure I live by myself and it really shouldn't bother anyone. By 4am the new alignment worked, but the next night was a continued sleep failure despite the weird furniture placement.

Here is my bed, head to the north, toes to the south. I have since flipped it back. Next I'll purchase some sleep crystals or something equally unconventional…

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