6.22.09 -Broken AC You Say?

by Kelly June. 22, 2009 1059 views

What a Monday. Work is long, we all get chewed out for running late on a project due next Tuesday, its another 100+ day (7th day in a row), and I need to get home to rush out to a soccer game out at the Meadows. When I get home, its BROILING in my apartment. What the… holy… uuuuuugh! I check the thermostat, oh and the air is running by the way, its over 90 degrees in here (thermostat stops at 90 so I'm guessing it was 94, since I'm a meteorologist I can do that). AC broke sometime today, SO awesome. Bailey is PANTING. I've never seen a cat pant before! Poor thing.

Ok think quick. Call the landlord, Ok someone will be over sometime tonight. Sometime tonight? I'm dying, what am I going to do if he can't fix it? Hmmmm. So I call up my friends Jeff and John to see if I can drop Bailey off at their AC'ed house while I'm at soccer and while everything is *hopefully* getting fixed. I get Bailey in his little cat carrier, have all my soccer stuff ready to go, I'm rushing out the door when awesome cat escapes his carrier. After chasing him around (sweat POURING out of me by now) I get him back in his carrier in a more secured manner. Ok, time to go.

They shouldn't let you lock your door from the inside when you're a haphazard lunatic like myself. I apparently dropped the keys in the Bailey chase and locked myself out of my apartment, with my car keys haplessly sitting on the apartment floor. DANGIT!

Call call call, John then Jeff is going to bring me my spare key and take Bailster to his cool house.. thank goodness. Me and Bailey (picture #2) sit outside kindly waiting for the exchange. Bailey did not enjoy this so much, meowing with annoyance and a hint of aggression. Before Jeff arrives the apartment handyman arrives who has a key to my apartment. PHEW. I get in, and there are my keys on the middle of the floor. Awesome. Jeff shows up shortly after, takes the Bailster, and I'm out.

Alls well that ends well though as I so often say as when I got home from soccer my apartment was on its way to cool and much more bearable. Bailey was still not too happy with me but whatev, he just sat on my counter some more to express his disdain.

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Tamara Harden 8 years, 3 months ago

That could've been a horrible outcome, had you not come home when you did. You're in Florida, right? I'm heading to Orlando on the 9th, I'm hopeing it's not THAT hot, I know it's humid, and I don't do either very well. Oh well, the hotel has a pool.

8 years, 3 months ago Edited
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