10.30.10 -Day four: Serious Sightseeing in Athens

by Kelly October. 30, 2010 942 views

First full day for all of us in Greece. After running to catch our tour bus, we finally set off on our half day bus tour of Athens. We stopped by Panathenaikon stadium where we would be finishing the marathon the next day. But the big ticket item was of course the Acropolis. It was awe inspiring, simply put. I probably took 50 pictures and these are the mere four to represent the sights. You could see Athens from every direction up here, every angle breathtaking. Our tour guide even pointed out the direction that the city of Marathon was in, where we would be starting the marathon from the next day. It looked pretty far and I noticed lots of hills in between.

Everybody should see the Acropolis. I think all 12,500 people registered for the marathon were all there that morning as everyone had water bottles and comfortable sneakers on, or maybe that's for sightseeing in general. But this was my favorite spot. Man its hard to describe, just look at the pictures. I could have stood up there all day and never grew tired of the views.

After the amazing Acropolis we wandered through Plaka again to find a satisfying lunch, remembering the race the next day. We stopped at this place noted in the last picture because we were heavily pursued by the host standing outside. We saw this often on as we meandered in search for food, but this guy was the most convincing. He even cut us a deal and gave us a special menu after we bargained a bit with him. As we sat there we watched him slowly work through the crowds walking by to fill up the outside seating area with other undecided diners. “Look here I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tables open for you! You choose! Do you want pasta, we have pasta! Wine, we have wine! Here sit here, I'll get you some water…” and so on. He was highly entertaining. Not only this but we saw him speak at least 5 different languages as he pursued tourists.

We walked around some more then finally stopped for dinner closer to Monastiraki I think where the Olympia-Kos soccer game was flashed on all the TVs present. We settled for another pasta place for carbo loading purposes then headed off to our hotels for the night. Ann and I stayed together since we would be getting up wee hours later to start the marathon process, and the boys went out and did whatever boys do.

Filopappos Hill to the southwest from the Acropolis


Ann and I in front of the Erechtheum

Panathenaic Stadium and Temple of Olympian Zeus to the southeast


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