11.01.10 -Day Six: Flat Stanley and Anafiotika

by Kelly November. 01, 2010 1166 views

The day after the marathon. Chow down our last Greek breakfast at the hotel and head out to see Ann and Mike off for their trip to Istanbul. Afterward I finally rummaged Flat Stanley out of my bag for some sightseeing. Flat Stanley was sent to me from my teacher friend Erin. Apparently Flat Stanley is a character for teaching kids about different parts of the world. Essentially he just hops in different traveler's bags and gets to take a lot of pictures at some of the most popular sights in the world. My Flat Stanley also ran the marathon yesterday, and hes pretty hungry. So the first stop was for some spanakopita (σπανακόπιτα) and Greek coffee.

Probably the hardest part about getting around on Monday was the fact I wanted to stop and eat EVERYTHING in sight. We somehow managed to trudge on to explore the most beautiful neighborhood of Anafiotika. Anafiotika is an older neighborhood nestled in the slope of the hill leading up to the Acropolis. Anafiotika is made up of vibrant colors mixed with the smells of homemade dinners and plenty of stray cats begging for scraps. Yup, the cats hang out in Anafiotika, the prettier, calmer part of town while the dogs were all sleeping downtown and hanging out in the streets outside our hotel. I totally side with the cats.

We also stopped by the Tower of the Winds (horologion) in Agora Square, complete with possibly the first wind vane! From BC times (exact time debated) and made of marble, this probably would have been where I would have hung out if I lived in those times. And then the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Ναὸς τοῦ Ὀλυμπίου Διός), constructed in 6th century BC to honor the king of the Olympian gods.

Athens was my favorite part of the trip, for possibly a combination of reasons. One, Ann and Mike were there, and they're totally fun people. Two, the marathon, and the main purpose of the trip, was in Athens. Three, the weather was super, in the upper 60s and mostly sunny. But four, of all, I loved the contrast of ancient city with modern day times. You kinda never knew what you were going to see around the corner, whether it would be an ancient ruin carefully preserved, or a graffitied wall in a modern day art district. The city was big, but not too big. The people were nice as much as I could tell and seemed to go out of their way to accommodate the tourists. Athens just left a good taste…

Efharisto Greece! I want to come back…

Flat Stanley and spanakopita and Greek coffee

The Tower of the Winds! Yes meteorology!

Cafes on the way to Anafiotika


Temple of Zeus… annnnnd Flat Stanley

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