07.21.13 - German Tourist House, Muir Woods, Fisherman's Wharf

by Kelly July. 21, 2013 1690 views

Today was almost a completely fun filled day. This trip coincides with a couple weeks of marathon training, therefore Sunday started out with our weekly long run. After a few days of running the streets and concrete, I told John I wanted some trail running. He said, “Are you sure?” Me: “Yeah.” John: “It's going to be a little hilly…” Me: “Yeah, no problem. I really want some trail running.” And so, we ran this:

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/346631390 [connect.garmin.com]

We ran up a mountain, dubbed the “Fire Trail” on Berkeley's campus. Three parts gradual climb mixed with four parts hellacious climb. It was brutal at times, but beautiful. We'll run up there again sometime with my camera at a less foggy time, but perhaps not on our long run.

After a quick shower and some eats, we set off for downtown SF via our bikes and the BART. In SF we met up with my old friend Lizzy from Tallahassee who moved back to CA a few years ago. From there we drove north to Muir Woods for Sommerfest at the German Tourist House. The festival started at noon, and arriving at 1pm we thought we'd get in and get a good spot to enjoy the day. We were wrong - the place was already PACKED! We shared the afternoon with a few hundred other German enthusiasts, listened to polka music, drank some German pilsners, ate a polish sausage, and enjoyed the view of the Redwoods before hiking a half a mile back to the car parked along the cliffs.

With a little bit of extra afternoon time, we decided to legitimately explore Muir Woods, home of some gorgeous redwoods. These trees are huge, and amazing, and the place maintains an eerie calmness despite scores of tourists from all over the world milling about. We wandered here for an hour or so before heading out and back over the Golden Gate to SF.

Back in SF Lizzy dropped us off near Fisherman's Wharf where John and I met up with my Aunt and Uncle from Arizona. They happened to be in town for the Diamondback's game, enjoying the sights of one of their favorite cities. We enjoyed a fantastic seafood dinner at Aliotos over local chardonnay, delightful conversation, and an obscured view of the Golden Gate at sunset. Afterwards we all couldn't help but wander down to Buena Vista, home of the first Irish Coffee, for such a delicacy.

We safely made our way back to Berkeley, returned to where we locked up our bikes to find them only partially still there. Someone hit up the dozen or so bikes outside the BART station, taking both my tires and seat, and John's front tire. We carried our bikes home while I contemplated the highs and lows of the day. It was a marvelous day, almost instantly ruined upon finding our means of transportation for the next few weeks ruined, all so someone could make a couple dollars off stolen bicycle parts. Alas, just the full Oakland experience.

German Tourist House - nestled among the trees above Muir Woods

Pretend Germans for the day

A view from above

We're in a tree!

Sad, violated bike remains

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