The Baby Goat

by Kobe Swanson January. 10, 2017 426 views

This summer my parents and I went on a road trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. On our way we stopped to go through the Badlands National Park to stretch and for me to get some good landscape photos. At one point about halfway through the drive we parked at a spot with an awesome view of the park. I took a few awesome landscape photos when my dad called my name. He had found some adult goats sitting around on the rock formations. On my way over to them I heard a little sound from somewhere below me. There on a ledge was a cute baby goat looking at the scenery. I pointed it out to Dad and he said I should get a shot. So I ducked under the barbed wire fence and carefully made my way down to this hill right behind the goat. I got some of the best shots of the trip. It was really freaky being on a little peak with the huge drop offs and ravines around me. Plus I was wearing my cherry-red Puma shoes that don't have great traction on a steep sandy surface. They got a little dusty but it eventually brushed off. Mom was not to happy with me or my dad for doing something so "stupid" but once she saw the shots I got, she wasn't that mad. Maybe it was stupid but you never pass up a chance to get the shot you can only get once in a lifetime right?

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Tahlia Hendricks 3 years, 10 months ago

That goat is like hella cute!!!

3 years, 10 months ago Edited