The new year.

by Kulotcow January. 09, 2012 879 views

thou it's been a week since january 1, 2012.
My last year's situation has been one of my lowest.. but you know life happens and i have to move on with getting back my sanity. It was really tough last year, school is still my number one cause of insanity… i thought my life was going down the drain again, i felt weak and emotionally distraught last year so i'm very very hopeful that this year will be nicer to me.

I celebrated Christmas and New year with my family and it was great, all the stress and sadness that the year had given me was all washed away with the cheers and holiday spirit. i'm really trying now to be more optimistic and less dramatic and emotional with all the stuff i'm going through.. I haven't thought about my new year's resolutions.. hmm.. maybe that would be the subject of my next post.

my family

my nephew

my cousins

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