Bodega Bay with the kids

by Kyla April. 27, 2008 1981 views

A day at the beach with the kids was a lot of fun….

Although it was quite a bit of a challenge…
So many things to think of,
the right composition, aperture, shutter speed, ISO….
While keeping “an eye” of the kids…

whew…but I must say, I learned a lot from that day.

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Jan 9 years ago

You had a difficult subject to start with, kids and bright sunshine.
I think you did a good job, like the first one!

9 years ago Edited
Jack 9 years ago

Good shots of cute kids. Good exposure for harsh sunlight on the beach. Out doors in bright light, I use the lowest ISO available (i.e. 200 on my NikonD70 or 100 on my Fuji S2 Pro.) for less noise ( or grain for us old film shooters.) and a mid range F/ stop. Most lenses produce their best resolution/sharpness in the F/5.6 - F/11 range.

9 years ago Edited