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by Emily Morgan October. 27, 2018 215 views

So when thinking about how I would start off my blog - I feel like I need to back track a bit to properly tell my story. My name is Emily Morgan, I live in Wabush, NL, Canada with my Fiance Foster Nicholas and our 4 year old cat Taco. This is our Story.

First of all: I hated Living in New Brunswick, I cannot wait to go back and visit - but I can't see myself ever wanting to move back to live. At the end of our time there, Foster and I were living in a 1 bedroom house we were renting in Noonan, NB about 15 minutes outside of Fredericton. Foster was barely working, and after years of doing contact/seasonal work our patience was wearing low. I was working Full time as an HR/Operations Supervisor at Tim Horton's, a job that I actually loved - but it wasn't what I went to college for and didn't support two people wanting to get ahead in life.

We both craved a change in our lives, financial stability and the ability to see a happy future. Everyone says money doesn't buy happiness, well I beg to differ. Financial Stability is one of the best things in life - knowing you will be able to pay your bills on time, knowing you don't have a measly budget of $50 for 2 weeks of food, being able to save money. Words can't describe the feeling of reaching that after years of struggle. November 2017 was the change.

That is when we decided to move, well for Foster to move. Foster's Dad and his family had all recently moved to Labrador City, NL in September 2017 - plus with all of his extended family living there (except his Mom and Sister) it seemed like a good place to go for a fresh start. November 17th, 2017 Foster packed his 2002 Subaru Outback absolutely solid with what he could fit, and began his 1,637 km drive to Labrador City. Unfortunately he ended up driving in a snowstorm, and the ferry he had planned to take was not running - adding another 637 km to his drive - but he made it to meet his Dad and Pop in Baie Comeau, QC for the rest of his drive.

Foster's Drive - November 17th & 18th

Foster's Drive - November 17th & 18th

While Foster left in November, I stayed behind in New Brunswick - moved in with my Mom to save money and to spend time with her before I would eventually move 1,200 km away. Being her only child, she was sad - but knew it would be good for me in the long run.

February 9th 2018 I followed Foster - packing my 2009 Dodge Caliber absolutely solid, beginning my drive to meet Foster and his Pop in Baie Comeau. I actually really loved the drive there, I could feel the fresh start, and hear my cats howling the whole trip. LOL.

Taco Meowing (he didn't stop until he heard Foster's voice) and Toby (RIP 07/29/2018)

Taco Meowing (he didn't stop until he heard Foster's voice) and Toby (RIP 07/29/2018)

Foster had gotten a job at City Tire & Auto in January, and I put in my 2 weeks notice and moved as soon as possible after that happened. Although only 2 months, it was the longest time we had spent apart in 7 years.

We got Engaged March 4th of 2018 on a snowmobile. Yes, on a Snowmobile. One Sunday evening we went out for a drive, stopped to look at the stars and that was when he asked me. The question that wasn't even a question - as he already knew the answer would be YES.

Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo

1 Month after I arrived in Labrador I got a job as a Service Administrator at Komatsu Mining - a job that I absolutely love. I get to work in what I went to college for and the people I work with are so wonderful.

So YEAH! That is Our Story - moving was the best decision Foster and I ever made. We absolutely love living here in Labrador.

My plan for the rest of this blog is to document the entire Winter of 2018-2019. Although I arrived in February 2018, and I have experienced some winter here - this will be my first full winter here and I can't wait to see what this one holds!

~Emily Morgan xo

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