My Birthday - 24 on the 24th

by Emily Morgan October. 27, 2018 145 views

October 24th 2018 was my 24th Birthday. I have had many people say this is my Golden year, Champagne Birthday, etc. I had high hopes for my birthday this year, and it exceeded my expectations.

Beautiful Big Snowflakes at work today!

Beautiful Big Snowflakes at work today!

Fun Fact: This was actually the first time in my life I have ever worked on my Birthday. I usually take a day off, but this year I decided not to and I didn't mind it at all!

I spent the evening at home with Foster: had supper, ate cheesecake, played Super Mario Party. He surprised me with a new pair of Baffin Winter Boots - I had looked at them the weekend before and decided to wait to purchase them. One thing about me is I struggle to spend money on myself, I feel guilty - or like I should be spending it on something more productive. (Something I need to work on). So I was very happy to receive them as a present, my feet won't be cold this winter!

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