Snowmobile Season Ready

by Emily Morgan November. 04, 2018 165 views

Yesterday we got our Snowmobile out of the area it was parked in and moved it. In the winter we park them in our apartment parking lot at the end. We are actually really lucky because our Landlord plows the snow so there is a path for us to get to the trail. Our snowmobile is a 1998 Articat Panther 440. It was given to Foster by his grandparents a few years ago - and I absolutely love it. Foster has actually been riding another one since we moved to Labrador, so I ave been driving this one - it has been amazing to learn on, since I never drove a snowmobile before we got this one. It is comfortable, small and light, and I feel in control when I drive it since I am so used to it. Yesterday I took it for a quick ride around the field near our apartment.

On another note - living in Labrador - there isn't much to do. We have a small mall and some shops, a gym, a 1 theater movie theater about 20 minutes away in Fermont, Quebec. Other then that, there isn't much to do for indoor activities, which is why it's important to like outdoor activities to live here! Since we recently moved here from warmer weather we are playing catch up in getting the gear we need to do these outdoor things. Warmer snowsuits, boots, mittens, snowshoes, skiis, snowboards, boil-up gear - these are all things that we haven't needed in our past life that we need now. Foster and I are incredibly lucky to have great family - his family - and when we moved, we both got borrowed snowmobile gear from them. Key word - borrowed - so it never really felt like ours. Foster got his from his uncle, who needed it back this year. So we went to Fermont to look at the Snowmobile gear - they have a big store that only sells that kind of stuff - so it was great! Foster is getting most of his gear from his family as Christmas presents, so he picked it all out and he looks awesome! I was just there to look.... or so I thought.

A little background - I hate spending money on myself - especially if it's not something I NEED. New Winter tires? Sure that's a need, but the thought of buying a new clothing, new shoes, getting my hair done, buying expensive makeup for myself.... I can't even express the anxiety I get, so I don't do it often. However for weeks, since Foster was talking about his suit, I was looking online at Womens suits, with hopes to buy one someday. Like I said I don't technically need a snowmobile suit for myself, I have one from Foster's Nan, it was a little big on me last year - and I have recently lost 20lbs, but it was warm and would do the trick. Well my first mistake was walking into the store in Fermont. Especially when I saw the Monosuits.....

They had monosuits, jackets, snow pants, boots, mittens, helmets, hats, thermal wear for underneath - literally everything you would ever need - and in every color combo you would want. The first thing I tried on was a Size 8 (Holy Hell I haven't been a size 8 in who knows how long..) FXR Pink and Black Monosuit - and I fell in love. I then spent the next hour trying on other suits, jackets etc. trying to reason with myself and talk myself out of it.

I want this suit so bad, but I don't need it.
It is the only one here in my size and colors I want, but I don't need it.
It looks amazing, but I don't need it.
It is perfect in literally every way, but I don't need it.
This is an investment that will last me 5-10 years, but I don't need it.
If I buy this I am saving money because buying a coat and pants separate is more expensive, but I still don't need it.

This played through my head thousands of times - in the end - I did it. I bought it and although I felt like I was going to throw up when I was walking to the cash and paying for it I bought my dream suit.

Me - so happy - but absolutely stressing out since I knew I would have to make a hard decision.

Me - so happy - but absolutely stressing out since I knew I would have to make a hard decision.

Update: Now that I have it home, I feel a lot better about it. I have shown it to all the family and everyone loved it - said it was a good purchase, etc.

I am very excited to go out on the snowmobile in it - I can't wait.

~ Emily xo

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