365 project. Day 26

by Este Lumine January. 26, 2017 350 views

January, 26. I took my camera to work again. Caught some more interesting faces of students :)


Smile :)

Here's gonna be a long text, not fully connected to the picture. Just thoughts that came to my mind.

I'm spending a lot of time working with students and remember my own student years. It was not so long ago. I used to be too serious and too shy. I spent most time learning, reading, writing, sometimes hanging out with friends and being shy again. I never overcame it during those years. Only now I began to understand that maybe I've missed something, maybe I've been wrong somewhere. Only now I'm gradually overcoming that shyness, that fear of making a mistake.

I'm a university journalist now. My job tells me: "Dude, you are not to be shy, you are not to be somewhere in the background, you're gonna get up and hang out with those people, you're gonna talk to them, laugh with them, learn from them. It's your job, dude! Do your best!" And I'm doing my best.

Yeah, I'm learning much from my work. I've become more confident in my photography skills after picturing dozens of events. I now feel much better while communicating with lots of people, even thought it's far from perfect... never mind. It's gonna be all right. It might be still difficult for me to catch someone somewhere and tell them: "Guys, I want to take a picture of you!", but I'm working on it.

Finally, I just cannot escape that time and that atmosphere of student life. Our group was awesome, our teachers were awesome - they believed in us and did their best. Every person I met was great in his or her own way, they all were bright personalities. Today I meet even more supercool people. And i feel a kind of... Happy? It never happened to me before - pure happiness. This feening is not continuous, but it's becoming more and more frequent.

I wish I had been more energetic, less nervous. I wish I had found energy to participate in more university events while studying. Or, maybe, I should stop looking for imperfections in the past and just keep going today.

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