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by Dannii L August. 01, 2017 790 views

In an effort to (re)introduce myself back into this PB community I thought I would share a little of my home life. Old friends may remember that I live with house bunnies. Now when I say live, what I mean is they allow me to feed them, clean them out and live in the same home they do.

My bunnies are not caged bunnies, originally I just had one bunny, Geezer, who we adopted when he was 8 weeks old, he taught us lots of about how to live with rabbits, by chewing cables, walls, remote controls etc. But just like having cats and dogs around, once you have got over that you get to see what wonderful personalities they have.

Unfortunately he passed after 5 years quite unexpectedly and it took some time, but we decided to adopt a pair of bunnies. We went to a local rescue, insisted on adults, babies are cute but litter training and adolescent bunnies are less cute and a bonded pair of boys had just arrived. There was very little history other than they were indoor rabbits and cramped. It didn't take long until our home was assessed and they came to live with us and treat us like their slaves.

Meet Flick and Meeko.

Flick was 3 when we adopted him and Meeko 2, 2 years on and they have changed so much. Flick has always adored fuss, he gives you that look that means you just have to stop what you are doing and head over to him. He doesn't enjoy being held though, so that temptation has to disappear. Last year he developed arthritis, so much of our front room has been adapted to make it easier for him, for example more rugs to make it easier to get around as the laminate is too slippy for him.

Meeko has always been a lot more skittish, a year younger and twice the size of Flick, when he first came home we could not even touch him, occasionally he would allow us to stroke him if he was stood next to Flick. Now he receives fuss every day from us both and sometimes nudges our feet to demand some. He's still not happy around most humans so when most friend's visit they don't even believe we have bunnies are they are hiding in their corner. Luckily they are not stressed out but just not sociable with humans.

So that is us. In an effort to not spam you all with my life, I'm going to try and post every other Tuesday, so hopefully you'll be looking forward to another snapshot from my life.

Thank you for reading.



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