Adventures in Israel - Jerusalem Part 2

by Dannii L October. 31, 2017 530 views

If you read my post last week, you will have seen I have spent a morning exploring Jerusalem. Obviously I needed a well earned lunch break of falafel before we continued, which is where my blog ended.

Whilst I did stop at the Western Wall, as that particular day was Simchat Torah, no photogrpahy was allowed, so we will revisit that in a later post. I did however find my time sitting at the wall more emotional that I expected. However, just past the wall is an area called Temple Mount, which houses the Dome of the Rock mosque. Without really having paid attention to the time, we saw a long queue, discovered it was to get in and then discovered it was only open for 2 hours for the public so it was a long slow moving queue, but definitely worth the wait.

Now tourists beware, this is a very religious place and needs to be treated with respect, you also need to have your bags checked and potentially show your passport. We didn't carry our passports with us but did have our UK photo driving licences and Israeli tourist entry visa on us, which was accepted but the passport may have sped things up. You also cannot take any Jewish related items in, they will be conviscated. We were pulled to one side and questioned but were allowed in as long as we did not attempt to enter the mosque and did not attempt to remove any rocks or make any attempts to bow or pray.

Once in, we were definitely not disappointed........

Whilst my trip to Jerusalem may have only been a couple of days, there was so much to see, I will update weekly to show you all this amazing city.

Thank you for visiting and next blog will be about the Garden Tomb.

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