Adventures In Israel - Jerusalem Part 5

by Dannii L November. 21, 2017 815 views

Hello one and all, last week I shared with you all some street art around Jerusalem, especially the market, but now we are returning to a more traditional travel blog. Due to the previous day of site seeing being a Jewish holiday and therefore not being able to take photographs in certain areas or visit other areas, this day started with another visit to the Western Wall. This is one of the most holy sites for Jews, men and women are seperated and there are certain clothing requests made. It was very interesting to be able to photograph here, but I was also aware that I was photographing people praying, so tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.

One of the most facinating things is the amount of letters crammed into the wall, I believe these are prayers but am not 100% sure.

I also highly recommend visiting the Western Wall on a Friday evening, you will not be able to take photographs at that point, but it was facinating watching people with so much passion for their religion/relgious acts. It is a very humbling experience.

After our visit to the Western Wall we went to The City of David, it is just outside the city walls via the Dung Gate exit. This is an archeological site that has views of the whole city and tunnels that lead back to the Western Wall. Please note one of the tunnels is very long and you will get wet, so you will need to wear sandals. Luckily it was warm enough to dry off quickly.

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