Adventures In Israel - Jerusalem Part 6

by Dannii L November. 28, 2017 445 views

I know this may seem like I have been in Jerusalem for ever, but this is the final part of day 2 and then we move on to more of the country. I have broken this into smaller installments as there was so much to see.

Anyway, I have mentioned much about the timings of being in Jerusalem over a Jewish holiday and this really did affect us on this last afternoon. It was a Friday so things close up early. We focused some time on seeing the Jewish quarter which was buzzing away, but didn't time it well to visit inside the synagogues. However, it just means we need to plan a re-visit.

It struck me how different this quarter was to much of the rest of the city. The lanes were wider, it felt more modern and we found a section showing off local art in amoungst some boutique shops. Much of the art was modern mosaics and there was some photography on display too.

On our wanders back home we stumbled across this beautiful Italian synagogue too, again due to it being a Friday afternoon we could not visit, but it also gave us a chance to research where we were eating that evening.

Our evening was spent re-visiting the Western Wall, as mentioned in my previous post no photography was allowed at that point, but sometimes it is good to just experience and be a part of something rather than behind the camera. We took a rooftop walk but I do not like my photos from there, something to practice and improve on and then stopped at an eatery called Jachnun's. It is a Yemenite pancake served with some spices and a boiled egg. They did other dishes, more akin to pizzas, but we wanted to try this unusual dish. It may look and sound a bit strange but we were not disappointed!!!

Thank you for sitting and reading through this travel blog. I hope you have enjoyed it so far. My adventures in Israel will continue next week where I will be sharing other parts of this unique country with you.

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