Adventures In Israel - Tel Aviv-Yafo

by Dannii L January. 02, 2018 651 views

Well for those of you following, you will have seen that I had an epic couple of days in Jerusalem with so much to tell that it took many many posts, we then went to the Dead Sea area and stayed overnight. The resort in Ein Gedi was beautiful but we knew we had a long drive back to Tel Aviv so after a short spa morning, floating in their dead sea pool we hit the road.

Tel Aviv is a very new and bustling city and I will confess to being a little overwhelmed upon arrival. The next morning was our first proper day of exploring, so we decided to walk to the beach and along the promenade up to Yafo (or Jaffa).

Yafo has had some investment so there is a little square with lots of tourist milling around all looking towards Tel Aviv and walking over the wishing bridge. There is a vast byzantium history here which has been invested in so tourists can visit.

There is also a beautiful shopping area with winding streets and lovely boutiques to get lost in, you even find some random hidden gems such as Jaffa orange trees suspended in concrete seeds

I would say that no trip to Yafo would be complete without a look at the clock tower and visit to the flea market, but I think that would be a very personal choice. The flea markets did not have the same charm as where we had just been visiting, but there were certainly some great little furniture shops and stalls selling antiques along with the usual rubbish.

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