Adventures In Israel - Tel Aviv Part 3

by Dannii L January. 30, 2018 380 views

Well for all of you that have been following my adventures, they are now coming to a close. Whilst we were here in Tel Aviv for 4 days, there were not an abundance of photos everyday, unlike in Jerusalem, but there was a lot of walking.

There are beautiful places to sit and eat, lovely malls to wander around, museums at the University and an amazingly large park which has a fun fair, water park and lake with water sports, which we visited and wandered through, there is also a very amazing beach. It is so well looked after and clean, there are libraries, certain beaches for dogs, certain beaches for water sports, a relgious beach section and a gay beach section. There is even a marina section.

I should also not forget there are plenty of great bars and restaurants. Our last day included a big breakfast at a beautiful cafe called Bread Story, followed by some time in the sea and chilling on the beach and then some goodbye drinks. If you visit be sure to try some arak and grapefruit juice cocktails. It does not sound appealing, but it certainly tasted good in the blistering heat.

Thank you for reading and following me with this adventure. It was a holiday of a lifetime and somewhere I really would like to revisit. But onto the next adventure.

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