Hrad Devin and Beyond, Bratislava Day 2

by Dannii L June. 09, 2019 180 views

Day 2 in Bratislava and so much had already been seen, I'm not one to sit and relax it would seem, there is a big world out there for me to snap away at. We started our morning at the only remaining Synagogue in Bratislava, which also has a Jewish Comminuty Museum. We were the only people there and recieved an unexpected private tour from a lovely man who was a Hidden Child of Slovakia during WWII. I am terrible with names and should have written it down, so cannot pay tribute to him personally, but do recommend a visit. The Synagagoue itself is beautiful inside, the gardens were peaceful and the collections inside the museum facinating.

Follwoing on from our little spirituality, we then ventured slightly out of the main Bratislava town and got a bus to Devin Hrad. All bus travel is free on the Bratislava City card and so is this Castle Ruins. Sitting on the Danube, it looked like quite a scary hike up, but was actually quite gentle and a lot of interesting history inside.

Standing at the top of these ruins, you are a stones throw away from Austria (well if you can throw a stone all the way across the Danube).

A short bus ride back to Old Town, some lunch and some more exploration of the area. Below is St Michaels Gate, the last remaining gate to the city, you can visit in here and see the Arms Museum and then at the top walk around for views of the Town.

Please come back to view some night time shots of the Old Town

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