Bratislava Day 1 Part 2

by Dannii L June. 11, 2019 355 views

After leaving Bratislava Castle, we stumbled upon a Clock Museum also known as House of the Good Shepard. We were aware of it's existence, so it is easy to miss it if you weren't looking. Inside were 3 floors of amazing clocks, perfectly preserved throughout time.

This was only a small museum, so we then wandered back into the Old Town for a spot of lunch and found Bratislava's most famous statue. People crowded around and queued to get a photo with the Man at Work

Feeling refreshed we continued to wander around and looked in at Primates Palace, this baby pink coloured building, looking almost like a cake. You are not allowed to takes photos inside, but this houses some interesting tapestries.

We then finished our afternoon off by searching out the Blue Church dedicated to St Elizabeth, this was a little walk outside of the main Old Town, but worth it.

Many people were stood outside all taking photos like myself. I did not realize until we were home, we may have gone inside too. Slovakian's have a tendancy to keep all their doors shut, so it looks like things are closed. However, we had had a long day of walking, so after this marvel I was welcoming a little respite.

If you enjoyed, please come back to see some more of my adventures

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Enjoyed your images. #6 captured my imagination!

2 years ago Edited
Dannii L Replied to Gone Fishing Without A Pole 2 years ago

Thank you Buster Bruce, people were queueing up to get a selfie with the man at work statue, it was quite am interesting sight to see.

2 years ago Edited
Heike 2 years ago

Nice and interesting set! I really like the way you have captured #10! Looks really cool! (and very blue) smile

2 years ago Edited
Dannii L Replied to Heike 2 years ago

Thank you Heike. I had heard the church was blue, but didn't quite expect it to be so blue smile

2 years ago Edited