Selfie Generation 2 of 12

by Dannii L October. 22, 2019 280 views

With the success of last month's selfie attempt, I was surprised at how difficult my second attempt would be. Capturing me in a way I want to show myself, revealing things about myself, discovering the app for controlling my camera is temperatmental, so figuring out the self timer instead.

A long passion of mine has been music, begging my parents for a piano for years, at 11 ro 12 years old, I finally started keyboard lessons. I still have that keyboard today. It takes a back seat often for many other hobbies and passions, but I recently started playing again. I whizzed through my beginner books and am now working my way through some classical pieces. There is still that great feeling when I can actually make it through a piece without any mistakes.

I struggled with the photo and it's not my best, but I said this was a journey not just about showing myself, but about techniques, so although this doesn't look how I expected in my head, I am still sharing.

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