by Lang Kim November. 02, 2016 290 views

This barn is a local favorite even though it is on private property! People tend to go knowing that they will be asked to leave unless they have special permission to be there.  Mostly people don't care because they see other's doing the same thing... Taking pictures on private property is a privilege when you go through the right channels because it reflects on all of us photographer's out there who go through the right channels! 

You will see me from time to time in my photography getting into area's that just need to be photographed and there is NO ONE available to ask for permission!  So what do you do?! Take the shot and run like HELL! LOL! 

 I have been asked to leave a few places and usually I comply to their request to leave without any confrontation and look for other location to get the photo I want. So in the end... Know your rights and it helps to act like you didn't know you were on private property! Most of the time it works for me , but I usually ask for permission... It's just easier to ask for a better experience and mostly professional!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and share with me your own experiences you may have had whether it is good or bad!



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