Preparation to Utah

by Alessandro Colombo December. 02, 2017 755 views
Mormon Temple in Philadelphia, PA

Mormon Temple in Philadelphia, PA

I took this picture as a preparation of a trip to some National Parks in Utah.

First of all, I had to try my new lens. To capture the beautiful sceneries of the National Parks, I got myself a very wide fisheye lens for my small Olympus camera. After some searching I opted for the Rokinon 7.5mm UMC Fisheye.

Then, I was looking for a suitable subject. Due to the destination of the trip, I thought the Temple could be a good fit. Also, it's a huge building and it's not easy to cram it into a photo if you get too close. Good test bench for the fisheye!

The Mormon Temple in Philadelphia opened in 2016 and is now a landmark of the Logan Square area. It has been built near equally beautiful buildings like the former Family Courthouse and the Parkway branch of the Free Library but somehow it stands out for its size and whiteness and for the two high pinnacles.
Only members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints can access the Temple, but they have an open house before the inauguration. In that occasion, the temple is accessible to everybody for a month and tour guides show you the interiors and give a little explanation about the Church itself and the function of the different rooms in the Temple.

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