365 Challenge: Week 3

by Laura January. 23, 2017 400 views

I wouldnt call this week a bust. I think I incorporated some new styles. The first photo of the week is not new though and Im disappointed in myself for sticking with the same stuff. On the other hand, I was incredibly proud of myself for the avocado grilled cheese invention. How could I not take a photo of Heaven?  

I hosted a chapter meeting at my house on the 17th. All of the leaders needed a "head shot" so I obliged. Of course, I picked this photo because Keith is being silly. 

I tried something new for the 18th. My 35mm lens opens wide and I can do alot with no light. But what would happen if I closed the lens and took a photo of a nightlight?

My camera (or me) has some interesting blur spots. Maybe its a setting, or maybe my camera stinks, but I always have some part of the photo out of focus. With all of the macro that Ive been shooting, it is becoming more apparent. Hoptimist here is a good example of this blurriness. I also think that the blurriness in this photo is awesome!

Friday's theme was "something big" so I went with the Oakdale Dam in Monticello. There is a fantastic restaurant here which is the only reason we go to the dam. I suppose sometimes we fish, but its hard with the current. I snapped two photos of the dam and then my battery died. I would not call them my best work.

Saturday's theme was "sleepy". I could have taken a selfie, but I thought Id save you from that sight. In the morning, my backyard had a foggy sleep hanging out. Remember the night before when my battery died? I never charged it. So this is a cell phone shot. (I wont tell you how long it took me to charge the battery)

My final photo of the week is of Ferguson. Mind you, Ferg is a 7 foot tall wooden zebra. How cool, right?! He stands guard in the living room. I think I captured his essence. 

Onto Week 4! 

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