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Hey everyone, allow to formally introduce myself. My name is Lauren Smith, I am 19 years old and I live in Northern Ontario. I come from a busy family of 4. Mum, Dad, my brother and me. We're all each others got; my best friends in the whole wide world. When I look at them, I see love and feel peace, and that's what Family should be all about. 

Before I became interested in visual art, I used to be a dancer myself. Art has always been apart of me in some way; whether it be physical art I make with my body or 2D art I make with my hands. My own 2 hands.
People always ask me, what is it about making art that interests you? I've always found that to be a very hard question to answer. Its hard to explain the feeling when I sit down to sketch or draw or whatever. Its like the pen does the work for me. The peace and tranquility you feel while our in your own little world of creativity, it really is remarkable. 

Here you will find pieces of my art, my painted pieces, my ink pieces, my pencil pieces and my fine point pieces. Along with these pieces, I am adding in pictures I find beautiful, or interesting to me. They may be pictures of places I wish I could explore, they may be pictures I have taken myself, the encounters of my life, or rooms in which I wish to have one similar too one day, lots of flowers (flowers are my ultimate face of beauty) and many other things the world has to offer us.  This will be a great space to clear your mind, get some inspiration and pass along the beauty to the rest of the world.   

Enjoy! xxxooo


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