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by Laurie Madsen February. 05, 2019 218 views
A New Look at Something Very Old

A New Look at Something Very Old

This morning I was inspired by a blog post "Village Decay" by Sistlau. She had taken several photos of an abandoned decayed building, and I couldn't help but want to be there and take pictures of some of the details I noticed in her photos.

At that moment I was inspired to re-visit the "familiar" in my home town (where I was raised) and to NOTICE the things that although I saw every day for years growing up- I never really noticed their charm because they were too familiar.

I drove to Sandstone MN (a few miles from where I now live) with the intent of seeing her old familiar face in a fresh perspective.

This is the back side of a commercial building that sits on the main intersection of the town. I have walked, played and driven by it countless times but I don't remember ever really NOTICING it's photographic potential.

Today, I noticed it...standing out against the stark snow like it was begging to be seen and have it's portrait taken!

Suddenly, the all too familiar "eyesore" became a compelling and interesting subject- just by changing my frame of mind.

From Eyesore to Interesting- it's a matter of perspective

From Eyesore to Interesting- it's a matter of perspective

I wanted to take the time capturing all of the details, but it was gloomy (and bitter cold on my fingers holding a metal camera) so I snapped a couple of shots and decided I would return on a warmer day.

I grabbed a pizza and headed down to the Kettle River for a picnic with my camera in Robinson Park where the abandoned Sandstone Quarry served as our childhood playground.

I wanted to see what I hadn't noticed in the park...

Those photos will be in my next blog...

See you there!

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Sheree Meader 2 years, 7 months ago

I'm enjoying your stories as much as the ones your camera tells!smile

2 years, 7 months ago Edited
Laurie Madsen Replied to Sheree Meader 2 years, 7 months ago

Thanks, that's encouraging!

2 years, 7 months ago Edited
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