17 april 2010 | ICFF 2010

by Lauryn M May. 18, 2010 2925 views

i saw these last year [photoblog.com], too

trash cans turned into light fixtures

Sharpie + Umbra

check out those handlebars
this designer also makes a horn/ antler bicycle helmet rack

rocking bed


well, hello again [photoblog.com]!

concept car: VW Up!Lite

side mirror?

this designer had plans to sell his wares at the designboom “handmade” section of ICFF, but apparently couldn't get a Visa. All of the other international applicants got their Visas. Single male from Iran was denied? hmm.
his designated spot was empty, with just this notice, which people started to sign in support/ sympathy.

amazing amazing amazing i want i want i want
custom rings with a person's face profile spun radially
the designer wears his wife's profile, and she wears his.
the coolest part is that it's not obvious
Cameo by RUX [ruxdesign.net]

also, bracelets by Cameo by RUX [ruxdesign.net]

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