First Day of 2012

by Local Coordination Committees January. 01, 2012 11878 views

Homs: Shammas neighborhood the new year's cake at shape of the Syrian Independence Flag and manny revolutionary writings “Freedom - Nothing Else”, “Down With Assad” and "The Defiant City of Homs"

Zabadany (Damascus Suburbs) a banner stating that the actual New Year in Syria is the day the regime is toppled

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol the people are desperately calling for the Arab League observers committee to visit the area and ironically demanding the government to build 5-star hotels for the observers in an indication of the committee's selection qualities of the areas to monitor

Zabadany: Damascus Suburbs a banner by a protester “Our New Year is Baptized with the Martyrs' Blood”

Banyas A banner to the Arab League and their endless warnings to Assad: “Give him more chances; there are still mosques weren't shelled, children weren't murdered and women didn't get raped yet!!”

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