February 10th, 2012 - Part 1

by Local Coordination Committees February. 10, 2012 9574 views

Idlib A brave boy with the Syrian Independence Flag on his cheeks and “Russia and Iran Are Killing Us” printed on his forehead and chin

Idlib A massive demonstration at the city's Clock Square with participation of the Free Syrian Army members with their weaponry; protesters raised the Syrian Independence Flags and freedom balloons

Idlib A massive demonstration in the city's Clock Square; protesters are giving an oath for not backing off and betraying the martyrs' blood until toppling the bloody regime

Damascus: Barzeh Al-Balad “In Syria: Innocent Souls Are Rising Up to the Sky So That A Tyrant Regime Will Be Toppled on Earth”

Damascus: Barzeh Al-Balad Two brave children holding a banner says Homs and the Syrian Independence Flag at the background

Idlib: Binnish A massive demonstration; protesters are raising the Syrian Independence Flags and anti-regime banners

Idlib: Binnish Two young revolutionists are beating drums along with the protesters chants

Idlib: Binnish "Homs We in Binnish Sacrifice Every Thing for You"

Idlib: Kafar Sijneh "Thank You Russia… Assad Reforms have reached Homs"

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol An expressive drawing of Assad killing the children with the blessing of the Russian Veto and weaponry

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol A massive demonstration; protesters on the first line wearing white T-shirts with Homs's disaster-stricken neighborhoods and carrying the Syrian Independence Flag

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol a banner to world's dictators

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman "Lavrov, Russian FM, Why You Didn't Visit Homs to Check the Effectiveness of Your Weaponry While Killing Our Children!!"

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman “It's Not Weird What Assad is Doing Since He Descended From a Family of Butchers, The Weird Thing is the World's Silence About His Massacres!!”

Idlib: Maarat Hirmeh “To the Leaders of the Free World, If You Cannot Protect Us, Just Supply the Weaponry So That We Can Protect Ourselves”

Idlib: Maarat Hirmeh A massive demonstration

Aleppo: Marea A demonstration in solidarity with the besieged cities and banner that says “The Lord Is Supporting US”

Aleppo: Marea Banners to Russia

Daraa: Musayfira The square where the demonstration and a huge banner “We Will Stay and You'll Leave”

Daraa: Musayfira A demonstration calling for toppling the regime and protesters raiding the Syrian Independence Flags

Daraa: Musayfira The brave chanter of the town leading the crowds and chanting for freedom, democracy, unity and equity

Hasaka: Qamishly Banners held by young revolutionists written in three languages: Kurdish, Arabic and English

Hasaka: Qamishly A young child dressed in traditional Syrian hand-made embroidery with the Syrian Independence Flag and the Kurd State Flag on her cute cheeks and the word “LEAVE” on her forehead

Hasaka: Qamishly A brave boy carrying a banner that calls for Democracy in the “Future Syria”

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsaya A young boy carrying a banner in today's demonstration "Homs, Madaya, Zabadani, Daraya and Eastern Ghota the People of Qudsaya Support You Till Victory"

Homs: Qusoor Neighborhood Despite the continuous shelling for the 5th day consecutively, the steadfast people of Homs refuse to stay home even though the human and living conditions were reported as the worst since the beginning of the revolution.

Homs: Qusoor Neighborhood Seriously “Where is the World???”

Homs: Qusoor Neighborhood “S.O.S We Demand International Protection, Humanitarian Aids and Relief Packages”

Homs: Qusoor Neighborhood "Russia is a Partner in Slaughtering the Syrian People; we Call for the International Society to Have a Clear Stance Against Russia's Continuous Support for the Butchers in Syria"

Hasaka: Amoda A wonderful banner and the Kurd State Flags at the back ground "Homs Your Blood is Also Mine"

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