February 10th, 2012 - Part 2 and February 11th, 2012

by Local Coordination Committees February. 11, 2012 9525 views

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair TODAY Heart-breaking picture for the son of Martyr Qassem Yosuf Jumaa holding his father's picture near the martyr's grave…

Hasaka: Amoda TODAY Burning a carton box written on it “Made in Russia” in reference to the boycott of all Russian and Chinese products for their Veto that supported Assad's regime and led to the massacres we see every day

Damascus Suburbs: Artooz The Uprise TODAY was aimed to boycott all the conspiring countries with Assad's regime and a banner “My Arab Brothers, Please Boycott the Chinese Products Because Those Who Killed Your Brothers Do NOT Deserve Your Money”

Daraa: Musayfira The town's chanter was martyred today by security forces gunfire and the entire town was raged

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batna TODAY Security forces and thugs destroyed the gate of a civilian's farm in the town to terrify and threaten the residents from protesting against the butcher's regime

Daraa: Daeel TODAY "We'd Like t Ask from Assad's Militias in Homs to Leave it There And Come Right Away & Raid Daeel"

Daraa: Daeel TODAY "People in Zabadani, Madaya, Taseel and TafasDaeel's Residents Support You Till Death"

Daraa: Daeel TODAY “Every Body Bleeds to Die Except for our Great Syria Bleeds to Live Free”

Daraa: Daeel TODAY “An OUTCRY to the GCC Countries Please Help Us”

Daraa: Daeel TODAY Young children wearing white clothes with names of the disaster-stricken cities in Syria and a banner "Daeel Revolutionists Will Confront Any One Who Attack the Free Females of Shahba and Jabal Al-Arab"

Hasaka: Amoda YESTERDAY A banner that said "All The People of Amoda Support Homs "

Hasaka: Amoda YESTERDAY "China Fabricates Every Thing Even the Veto"

Hasaka: Amoda YESTERDAY "We Sacrifice Our Souls for the Defiant City of Homs"

Idlib YESTERDAY A revolutionary girl and “Assad LEAVE” written on her cheeks

Idlib YESTERDAY Even this elderly call out for Freedom and for the defiant city of Homs

Idlib YESTERDAY The great revolutionists and the letters of the word FREEDOM printed with the Syrian Independence Flag's colors

Idlib YESTERDAY A banner to the Russians

Idlib YESTERDAY An amazing child carrying the Syrian Independence Flag and printed on his face “Russia and China Are Killing US”

Idlib YESTERDAY A banner to the Russians

Hasaka: Qamishly YESTERDAY “The People Want to Execute the Butcher!”

Hasaka: Qamishly YESTERDAY A massive demonstration with a huge participation of college students and banner at the back “Students Are the Most Important Variable in the Transition to a Civilian Country Where All Sects Have the Same Rights”

Hasaka: Qamishly YESTERDAY A revolutionary boy holding a drum and chanting for freedom with his fellow friends.

Idlib: Jerjnaz YESTERDAY An anti-regime demonstration and a banner “The Syrian Revolution is the Greatest Epic of All Times”

Idlib: Jerjnaz YESTERDAY A banner in the demonstration with this Friday's name “Russia is Killing Our Children”

Idlib: Jerjnaz YESTERDAY This is what heroism really is "Assad's Thugs, We Beg You to Shell Idlib and Leave The People of Homs"

Idlib: Jerjnaz YESTERDAY A meaningful banner to the Russians “Lavrov, Putin and Medvedev, Our Children's Blood is Coming Out From Your Mouths”

Daraa: Ibtaa YESTERDAY A wonderful banner inspired from the famous saying of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to reflect how much the Syrians are persisted on toppling this criminal regime “Even If Assad Would Put the Sun in Our Right Hand and The Moon in Our Left, We Won't Back Off From This Revolution”

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