February 19th, 2012

by Local Coordination Committees February. 19, 2012 6225 views

Damascus Suburbs: Douma "The Free People of Douma Forgive Assad Only If He Turns Himself In to Homs Revolutionists"

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya “Thank You For the Free Media: Jazeera, Arabiya, BBC, France 24, Future and Syria Al-Shaab”

Damascus Suburbs: Douma "The Last Nail Was Hammered in Assad's Regime's Tomb.. A Revolution by the Residents of Damascus"

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol How the entire world is playing with the Syrians' Blood!!

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol “To the Egyptian Government, You'd Have Rather Prohibited the Iranian Combatant Ships From Passing Through the Suez Canal Instead of Pulling Your Ambassador From Syria”

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol “The World is Unable to Establish Secure Channels For The Civilians in Syria Whereas The Suez Channel is a Safe Passage For The Iranian Combatant Ships”

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol A day-time demonstration and a brave protester raising the Syrian Independence Flag

Daraa: Daeel “Whoever Doesn't Support the Free Syrian Army is a Partner in Assad's Crimes Including The Syrian National Council”

Daraa: Daeel “Russia, China, Iran, Haytham Manna'a and His Friends Are All Enemies of the Syrian People.. How Come They Call For A Conference and Name It The Friends' of Syria?!!!”

Daraa: Daeel “The Revolutionists Are Smelling the Breeze of Heaven.. What Are You Smelling Assad's Proponents?!!”

Daraa: Daeel “Our Freedom is Bleeding”

Daraa: Daeel “Jazeera Live Channel.. Please Give Us the New Frequency.. We Are Not Able to Tune to You”

Daraa: Daeel “To the Syrian National Council, Be Careful From the Screams Coming from Baba Amr. For Those We'll Blow Everything Out.. Be Careful”

Daraa: Daeel "The People of Mazza Started Marching… Horan Sacrifices the Souls' of Its Revolutionists For All The Liberals There"

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