February 29th, 2012

by Local Coordination Committees February. 29, 2012 9794 views

Damascus: Qasyon Mountain Raising the Syrian Independence Flag in the Nabaa area of Muhajreen neighborhood in front of the Presidential Palace

Damascus This picture was taken near the southern roundabout yesterday in the afternoon “Down With Assad” and “Assad the Mule!”

Homs Activist Omar Tellawi near a tank that was taken by the Free Syrian Army today and they wrote on it “Freedom - Nothing Else!”

Homs Snow falling in March, some thing the residents are not used to at this time of the year! All the services are blocked off the city: electricity, diesel, water, food and medical supplies…

Homs: Bab Seba'a Since decades, the city has not witnessed dense raining like today. Assad might have blocked water from the city but God never forget the poor people who always say “We Won't Knee Except to the Lord”

Homs Snow falling in March and against all odds, a snowman with green eyes looking forward to Freedom, Dignity and Liberty

Damascus Snowing in March and the capital city's streets packed with snow flakes

Hasaka: Amoda “Baba Amr, the Heart of the Syrian Revolution.” Today, the criminal 4th Division of the regime's forces attempted to raid the defiant neighborhood of Baba Amr in Homs after 26 consecutive days of shelling and strict siege. The heroic Free Syrian Army was able to defend the area with their limited supplies and weapons. However, the people in Homs city are suffering from severe shortages of water, food, diesel and medicine and the human condition is horrible. We call for all Human Rights organization to intervene and save who's left there!

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