The 12 Best Photography Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or education, photography blogs are a great way to stay motivated and current on the latest photography trends.  Everything from gear reviews to little-known tips and tricks can be found on the web, being shared by professional and amateur photographers alike.  The abundance of information is so great that it can be like drinking from the fire hose — how do you sift through it all to find quality content that applies to you?  Here we’ll list a few of the best photography blogs that you should be following to increase your knowledge base and help you explore your style.

Inspirational Photo Blogs

1. Found

National Geographic’s Found is a curated collection of photographs steep in history.  The National Geographic archives extend far back in time, and Found is an attempt to remind us of what has been. Found is one of the best photography blogs if you are into getting lost with old photographs.

A photo from "Found" Photography Blog by Nat Geo. A Photo by: Hand Hildenbrand
Photo by: Hand Hildenbrand


2. Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot showcases images from fine art to edgy street photography, honoring a variety of established photographers — as well as emerging ones.  If you have work that you want to share with the world, they are one of the few photography blogs that accept submissions.  Look to their posts for interviews with various photographers as well!

A photo from one of the best fine art/street Photography Blogs "Futureshoot" . Take by Hiroharu Matsumoto
Photo by: Hiroharu Matsumoto

3. Minus Manhattan

Minus Manhattan is a photography blog run by a creative strategist for Tumblr, Chase Turner. His images provide insight into American metropolitan culture.  Use them as inspiration for capturing your home city’s character.

A photo from one of the best photography blogs for metropolitan culture art, Minus Manhattan. Photo take by Chase Turner
Photo by: Chase Turner


4. Reportage

Celebrate the world of photojournalism with Getty Images’s collection of posts.  Images from all over the world are shared, often accompanied by a back story that draws you in further.  Learn how to master the art of visual storytelling by following world renowned photojournalists.

A photo from Reportage. A photography blog popular for photojournalism
Photo by: Cengiz Yar

5. The Sartorialist

If combining fashion and travel is what you’re into, then The Sartorialist run by Scott Schuman should be right up your alley.  This award winning blog brings a tangible feel to everyday fashion around the world.

A Photo from one of the best fashion and travel photography blogs, The Sartorialist. A photo by Scott Schuman
Photo by: Scott Schuman

6. Andy J. Scott

One of  PDN’s 30 2017: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, Andy J. Scott strives to capture fashion in a timeless mode, abstracting today’s fads from an industry which is certainly centered on trends.  If you’re looking to find someone new on the scene, this up and comer is one to watch!

A Photo by Andy J. Scott
Photo by: Andy J. Scott

Educational Photography Blogs

7. PetaPixel

PetaPixel is a great source of information for novice and intermediate photographers.  Infusing inspirational articles into the mix of educational ones, PetaPixel is a great reference for exploring the world with your camera.

A photo from photography blog PetaPixel. Taken by photographer Keow Wee Loong
Photo by: Keow Wee Loong

8. Learn by PhotoBlog

Naturally, the post you’re reading right now comes from a collection of photographers eager to share their thoughts on photography as a whole.  This isn’t a blog written by just one voice, but rather a collaboration of artists who all have their own techniques and niches to share with you.  If you’re looking for varied and balanced articles, PhotoBlog is the blog for you! Better yet, you can start your own photography blog using their blogging platform.

A photo from PhotoBlog's "Learn" photography blog. "Learn" blog features both educational and inspirational content
Photo by: Joshua O’Donnell

9. ISO by 500px

Another photo sharing site, 500px publishes articles to encourage its members to continue to explore their artistic skills.  And if you have a 500px profile, you can use it to not only share your work but profit off of it.

Photo by: Simone Gramegna
Photo by: Simone Gramegna

10. Where’s Jay

Jay Dickman is a Pulitzer Prize winner and National Geographic photographer.  His posts will share his travels around the world with you, while also telling you about workshops you can attend.  Naturally, all of this is interspersed with beautiful photographs.

A photo from photography blog "Where's Jay". Photo by Jay Dickman
Photo by: Jay Dickman

11. Into The Night Photography

Royce Bair is a photographer renowned for his nightscape photography.  Into The Night Photography will teach you how to capture stunning shots of the Milky Way that you would have otherwise thought beyond your reach. The blog also covers some of his upcoming workshops.

12. Asilda Photography

Follow the in-depth writings of Anastasia Petukhova as she shares her insights on the creative process, gear reviews, and the effects of technology on the art world.  Coming from a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery Program, these words are not ones to miss!

Photo by: Anastasia Petukhova
Photo by: Anastasia Petukhova

There you have it, all the inspiration and knowledge you need for your photography. Please do let us know in the comment section what you think of this list and if we should include some of your favorite blogs in the next year’s version. Thank you.


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