2017 Week 7 Theme: Celebrating Valentine’s Day With A Romantic Weekly Theme

Photo by Everton Vila

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a harmless celebration or a shameless exercise in corporate greed, let’s use it as an excuse to have a beautiful Romance weekly theme!

Before we get started, let’s mention last week’s theme. We asked you to show us you understand the power of using blue in your photography. Once again, the PhotoBlog community delivered gorgeous images. I loved checking in on the entries every day.

Let’s see who our winners were…

2017 Week 6 Theme Winners:

Big congratulations to these members! You’ll receive a PM from me in your inbox shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated. It’s not too late to check out all the entries here.

Take a look at the winning shot by PhotoBlog user Paula:

2017 Week 7 Theme: Love Is In The Air – A Romantic Weekly Theme

There are a great many styles of photography you can employ to enter this brand new weekly theme. Even if you’re single like me, I’ve got a fair few ideas for you. How about offering a portrait session to a couple in your friendship group?

Alternatively, you could go out into the city for some candid street shots of people out for a Valentine’s Day stroll. If you get no cards or presents, you could even take a self-portrait that expresses how this makes you feel.

Photo by freestocks.org

However, if you’re coupled up, show us how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Below, I’ve got a bunch of cool ideas for interesting and artistic shots you can try out. Best of luck and-above all else-have a lot of fun!

How to Participate:

Deadline: February 19th, 2017

How to submit: Add 2017theme7 as one of the tags in your post on the PhotoBlog platform

Check out the submissions: Use the Weekly Theme tab

Support and encourage: Like and comment on your favorite posts

Photo Ideas To Put You In The Mood

I don’t want to bog you down with any photography theory this week. Instead, I want to inspire you with some photo ideas. Each covers a different style, so hopefully you’ll be able to come up with some excellent shots this week.

Photo by Jenn Richardson

Why not pay homage to Instagram’s famous hand-holding couple? Personally, I can’t think of a more romantic style of photography. Perhaps that’s just the traveler in me!

Photo by Mayur Gala

Get creative with hearts and other romantic iconography. This silhouetted shot above is a particularly good example of how you could go about doing this.

Photo by Tord Sollie

Here’s an example of the candid street photography I mentioned earlier. Head out into the streets wherever you are to capture couples in love.

Photo by Brooke Cagle

If you’re unable to get outside and shoot for any reason, why not show us some of your favorite archived wedding images?

Photo by Andrew Branch

Okay, so I’m clearly trying to exhaust all available options! If shooting pictures of people really isn’t your thing, show us the affection that can exist between two animals.

So, there you have it. If you’d prefer, you can run with the broader theme of love. Good luck, everyone. I can’t wait to see all your photos. Happy Valentine’s Day for Tuesday, whatever you’re doing!


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