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Update: 2018 calendar for your 365 Project is now available here.

Earlier this week, we published a great post from PhotoBlog veteran, Helen Hooker (Giraffe Racing). Helen shared her inspiring story about how she managed to keep her 365 project going for eight incredible years. Impressive, isn’t it? Especially considering how difficult it can be to come up with original photography ideas on a daily basis!

Color us impressed. Kudos, Helen!


We really feel fortunate Helen chose PhotoBlog as her platform of choice for the entire journey of her extended 365 project. In fact, we’re grateful for each and every one of you who call PhotoBlog home to your projects, photos, and stories. We wanted to do something special for you as a way to say thanks and help you make 2017 an especially creative and fruitful year.

Since we were so inspired by Helen’s story, we thought you might be as well. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a 365 project calendar, complete with a shooting prompt/photo idea for every day of the year. Best of all, it’s totally free. A gift from PhotoBlog to you.

Click the banner below to grab your free copy!

free download photo ideas 365 project

Update (1/14/2017): We really do have the best readers and community members. The proof is in the pudding. For example, one of our readers, Bo de Lange from the Netherlands, has made the calendar even more accessible by turning it into an iCalendar–you can download the .ics file by clicking here. (The download should start automatically.) From there you can import it into your calendar app of choice. On behalf of our community, thanks, Bo! If you’d like to personally thank Bo–please do!– you can drop by his PhotoBlog, Twitter, and Instagram.

You’re free to do as you please with this awesome calendar. I recommend you print it out, or bring the files to your local print shop and have them print it out for you on some heavy duty, fancy paper. You could even give a copy to a friend–it would make a great last minute gift!

The #PhotoBlog365 Calendar

Here’s a preview of what the calendar looks like. There’s 12 pages–one for every month. On the right-hand side, we’ve included a shooting prompt for each calendar day.

(Update: Feel free to share the link to the calendar on your own blogs, even for commercial use, but please include a link back to this page. Thanks for sharing and we hope you enjoy!)

365 photography ideas
Click to download!

When you’re ready to download your free calendar, you can click the preview image above, or click this link to be redirected to the Google Drive folder. From there you can either save it to your harddrive or create a copy for safe keeping in your own Google Drive directory.

You’ll notice we left the photography ideas somewhat vague. We assure you, this was by design. The idea is to inspire your personal creativity. So interpret the prompts as you will and make them your own. Of course, they’re just suggestions, so if one isn’t vibing with you, feel free to come up with a photo idea that better suits your situation. Whatever you do, just keep shooting every day!

Spread The Word

We hope to see more stories like Helen’s grow and come to life over on the PhotoBlog platform. If you download our calendar, we’d love to see your shots. Do us a favor, create yourself an account (it’s free) and start a photo blog of your own. Tag your 365 projects with #PhotoBlog365 so we can all follow along. In the coming week, we’ll be adding a new tab to the Browse page on the platform to make it easy to discover one another’s projects.

Now that we’ve done a bit of the heavy lifting for you, there’s really no excuse not to start a 365 project of your own this year. Take a photo a day according to the daily prompts or mix things up by coming up with some prompts of your own. It’s a great opportunity to display your art, learn new techniques, keep your camera busy, and track your progress throughout 2017!

And don’t forget to click the share buttons on the upper left-hand side of the screen so all your friends and family can download a copy of their own. The more the merrier is what I always say!

If you’re dying to see all 365 photography ideas, click through to the next page to see the entire list…


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