Weekly Theme – Street Photography

Weekly Theme: Street Photography

Deadline: April 24th to May 1st, 2017

How to submit: Create a post on PhotoBlog.com and add the tag 2017theme17

Learn and Participate:

There is a great e-book made available for free by Thomas Leuthard. You can download it here. I will quote his starting points as an introduction but please read the full book if you have time. It is a great read overall.

What is street photography?

It’s not that simple to explain. Sure you can go to Wikipedia and find an answer there. In my words, it’s the documentation of life in public in a candid way. Nothing is set up, nobody was asked and it will never be the same again. It’s like holding up a mirror to society. It’s a single human moment captured in a decisive moment.

When is it street photography?

Bruce Gilden once said that “If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph”. This brings it to the point. You cannot point your camera out to the street and make a photo. It’s not that simple. I guess you have to get into it to understand it. Some people even say that 99% of the photos out there are not street photography at all. Don’t think too much about this, just look at other people’s photos. Most important is that a photo tells a story.

Gear is highly overrated

You may ask a lot of people and you will get a lot of different answers about which camera is the best for street photography. You can also buy a new camera every year as there is a big industry telling you that you should buy new equipment. But if you remember the old days, the masters of photography, did they have good equipment? Not really. Compared to today’s features they had nothing. But with this “nothing” they made incredible artwork. Never ever think that you can do better photos with a better camera. This is absolute nonsense.

The full ebook can be downloaded here or here.

For a great list of talented street photographers check out that article.

Previous weekly theme winners

Throughout the week there were well-composed photos on PhotoBlog. Congratulations to following members for their winning entries in last week’s theme!

  1. Carl Mcpherson for Weekly Theme – Composition (Framing)

  2. Shah for Weekly Theme – Composition (Framing)

  3. Berckmans Peter for Polder of Hoboken (photo #1)

There were many great submissions, you can check them all here. Be sure to follow them to be inspired by their amazing work. Here is a photo a photo from Carl’s entry.

View from the Southbank by Carl Mcpherson

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