Top 30 Food Photographers That Takes Amazing Food Photos

In this post, we introduce 30 of the most inspirational and talented food photographers from all around the world. Get ready for gorgeous portfolios, filled with pure deliciousness, interesting details, and creative food photography ideas.

1. Joanie Simon

Joanie is the owner of a famous food photography youtube channel. She is a professional food photographer and teaches amazing techniques, including food styling! Her pictures are sharp, consistent and bring the wonder of a food moment. Definitely an inspiration for other aspiring food photographers! She’s always open to sharing her secrets through her channel!

Joanie Simon Is a food photographer with a large following on youtube
Photo by: Joanie Simon

Joanie Simon on the web: Website, Youtube, Instagram

2. Skyler Burt

Skyler teaches a lot of food photography settings and techniques on his youtube channel. Skyler’s photos are poetic and dramatic, capturing moments of joy.

A food photograph by Skyler Burt
Photo by: Skyler Burt

Skyler Burt on the web: Website, Youtube, Instagram

3. Alena Haurylik

From Belarus, but currently based in Philadelphia, Alena is a talented food photographer. She has more than 5 years of experience with food photography and styling. Her food photography captures amazing natural details of food.

A food photograph by Alena Haurylik
Photo by: Alena Haurylik

Alena Haurylik on the web: Website, 500px, Instagram

4. Christina Greve

Christina Greve often captures food photography in a dark background setting. Her photos have shallow depths of field and unsaturated colors. If you look at her pictures, they might seem cold at a first glance, but they bring comfort and inspire warm hearty memories.

A food photograph by Christina Greve
Photo by: Christina Greve

Christina Greve on the web: Website, Flickr, Instagram

5. Caroline from Sugarberrry

Caroline is a 23 years old student who started sharing her food photos and got thousands of followers on social media. She is focused on plant-based recipes and smoothie bowls. However, her unique food photography style makes her a must-follow inspiration for visual compositions. In Caroline’s work, you will find color palette combinations with natural elements!

A food photograph of a cake by Caroline from Sugarberry
Photo by: Caroline from Sugarberry

Christina Greve on the web: WebsiteInstagram

6. David Munns

David’s photos tell stories, inspire your imagination, and make you hungry. You will see images from dramatic food preparation to half-eaten meals. David has already worked with many famous brands, like Nutella and culinary magazines. 

A food photograph of two cakes by David Munns
Photo by: David Munns

David Munns on the web: WebsiteInstagram

7. Rachel from Two Loves Studio

Bright, colorful and joyful that’s how one might describe Rachel’s food photography. Start checking her Instagram profile and you will be craving a piece of caramelized pecan pie in no time! Rachel also gives online workshops and share her knowledge of food photography.

A food photograph of an asian noodle bowl by Rachel from two loves studio
Photo by: Rachel from two loves studio

Rachel on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

8. Jennifer Pallian

Jennifer is a Vancouver based professional food photographer. She owns a recipe blog and shares her food stories with the world. Her work has already been featured in many cooking magazines, websites, and TV channels. Jennifer’s photos showcase her passion for cooking and capture inspiring moments of the culinary art.

A food photograph of a butter chicken dish by Jennifer Pallian
A butter chicken dish by Jennifer Pallian

Jennifer Pallian on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

9. Lauren Caris

From Switzerland, Lauren is a young and talented food photographer. She owns a website where she teaches tips and techniques of professional food photography. Lauren gives advice from shooting on manual mode to food styling and editing. Open her portfolio to discover food photography with a lot of movement, bright colors, and deliciousness!

A food photograph by Lauren Caris
Photo by: Lauren Caris

Lauren Caris on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

10. Aimee Twigger

Aime is a professional food photographer who cares a lot about food styling. Looking at her pictures is like diving into the unknown corners of food photography. While exploring the dark food photography style, she brings lots of movements and actions to her images. Aimee is a published author, blogger, food photographer and traveler. Based in the United Kingdom, Aime has already won contests and conducts food photography workshops locally.

Photo by: Aimee Twigger

Aimee Twigger on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

11. Carey Nershi

Carey started a food photography blog some years ago and worked with many areas of food photography from food styling to professional food photography, and recipe development.

A food photograph by Carey Nershi
Photo by: Carey Nershi

Carey Nershi on the web: WebsiteInstagram

12. Kayley McCabe

Kayley is a professional food photographer, recipe developer, and a food stylist. Her background in cooking makes her photos appetizing and full of stories. Deeply exploring the moments of preparation and serving! Her work has shadows, crumbles, powders, hands, spoons, and dramatic movements.

A food photograph by Kayley McCabe
Photo by: Kayley McCabe

Kayley McCabe on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

13. Lee Mandy

Lee explores dark food photos with dramatic shadows. Lee’s work goes beyond the regular style of a professional food photographer. She explores the relationship between food and eating in an original manner.

A food photograph by Lee Mandy
Photo by: Lee Mandy

Lee Mandy on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

14. Zaira Zarotti

Based in Venice, Italy, Zaira explores the dark food photography style, including top views with interesting background elements. Zaira makes food styling with many small elements and details, like crumbles and melted chocolate.

A food photograph by Zaira Zarotti
Photo by: Zaira Zarotti

Zaira Zarotti on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

15. Francesco Tonelli

Francesco is a chef as well as a food photographer. He knows how to apply different styles of food photography to his photography compositions. His portfolio is full of bright and colorful photos as well as dark images.

A food photograph by Francesco Tonelli
Photo by: Francesco Tonelli

Francesco Tonelli on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

16. Mowie Kay

Mowie is a food and lifestyle photographer with thousands of followers on Instagram. He likes to explore the details and textures of the dishes. From sweet to savory foods, he seems to be addicted to marble and gray backdrops which is his signature style.

A food photograph by Mowie Kay
Photo by: Mowie Kay

Mowie Kay on the web: Website, Twitter, Instagram

17. Alan de Herrera

Alan has more than 10 years of experience as a professional food photographer. He owns a studio and leads a team of other creative food professionals in Los Angeles. Alan has already shot cookbooks, made projects for famous brands and traveled to many countries to experience different cusine.

A food photograph by Alan de Herrera
Photo by: Alan de Herrera

Alan de Herrera on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

18. Laura Muthesius

Laura works with her partner Nora to create sentimental and deep photos. Nora makes the food styling and Laura is the food photographer. They are based in Berlin and started their journey with a personal blog to help people with food intolerances. Now, their food photos go far beyond this first purpose. Laura and Nora produce high-quality images to many brands and inspire a million followers.

A food photograph by Laura Muthesius
Photo by: Laura Muthesius

Laura Muthesius on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

19. Ashley Marti

Ashley is a food stylist and a recipe developer. She loves cooking and has already worked with many famous food brands. Ashley is based in Portland, Oregon and she also writes about food. Her food photography is consistent, bright, full of energy and inspired by the natural colors of homemade recipes.

A food photograph by Ashley Marti
Photo by: Ashley Marti

Ashley Marti on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

20. William Hondokusumo

William is a professional food photographer based in INdonesia. He has won many prizes in international food photography contests, like the Pink Lady Food Photography Award in 2014.

A food photograph by William Hondokusumo
Photo by: William Hondokusumo

William Hondokusumo on the web: Instagram

21.  Naomi Robinson

Naomi is the owner of a food blog and has already produced amazing photos for cookbooks (checkout herown book Bake’s Royale Cookbook). In her blog, she tells her motivations and talks about how taking a risk in food photography has been really important to her progress. You can see the joy and inspiration in her work!

A food photograph by Naomi Robinson
Photo by: Naomi Robinson

Naomi Robinson on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

22. Radhika Penagonda

From Bengaluru, India, Radhika has years of professional experience in finances. She has made a career in software development. However, her passion for food guided her to start a recipe blog. Her photos are unique and are full of Indian culinary inspiration.

A food photograph by Radhika Penagonda
Photo by: Radhika Penagonda

Radhika Penagonda on the web: Website, Pinterest, Instagram

23. Christina Leopold

Christina started a journey with veganism in 2015. Then, she decided to launch a blog with natural recipes. So, she could share her passion and lifestyle with the world! Now she works as a recipe developer, food stylist, and food photographer. Her food photography showcase the beauty and delights of all-natural vegan foods.

A food photograph by Christina Leopold
Photo by: Christina Leopold

Christina Leopold on the web: Website, Youtube, Instagram

24. Laura Jakubka

Laura is a food photographer from Bavaria in Germany. Her food photography explores the colors and textures of natural foods. Her work is a great inspiration if you are looking for ideas on composition and color palette. She uses lots of wooden backdrops and neutral props.

A food photograph by Laura Jakubka
Photo by: Laura Jakubka

Laura Jakubka on the web: Website, Instagram

25. Leila from @leilalikes

Leila is a visual storyteller from Vancouver. She works mostly with travel and food photography, creating stunning images with personality. You can see how the storytelling background reflects in her food photos. There is movement, shadows, actions, and intensity in every pixel.

A food photograph by Leila from leilalikes
Photo by: Leila from leilalikes

Leila on the web: Facebook, Instagram

26. Michael from Michaeloyu

Michael is the founder of a community with the goal to connect people through food, the Palate Connect Community. This community helps to make the bridge between clients and influencers of the food industry.

A food photograph by Michael from michaeloyu
Photo by: Michael from michaeloyu

Michael on the web: Website, Youtube, Instagram

27. Dennis from “The Prescott”

Dennis cooks, photograph and write food-related content. He is the food photographer behind EAT DELICIOUS Cookbook (highly recommended). His food photography is complete in the most literal sense of the word, full of food in the frame. Dennis works with the abundance concept and produces stunning images that is sure to make you hungry!

A food photograph by Dennis
Photo by: Dennis

Dennis The Prescott on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

28. David Loftus

David has worked with many chefs, including Rachel Khoo, Gennaro Contaldo, Elizabeth David and April Bloomfield. He takes food photographs for advertisement clients and editorial pictures. David shoots mostly with natural light. By doing so, he aims to capture the true spirit of food. He has an amazing portfolio which has won him many awards and several best-sellers photography books!

A food photograph by David Loftus
Photo by: David Loftus

David Loftus on the web: Website, Youtube, Instagram

29. Lucy Litman

Lucy is a digital marketer, photographer, and food stylist. She definitely loves food and storytelling through digital media. Her food photos do not follow the crowd. Lucy’s work shows connections between food, colors and many design elements in a truely unique way.

A food photograph by Lucy Litman
Photo by: Lucy Litman

Lucy Litman on the web: Website, Instagram

30. Joann Pai

Joann is a travel and food photographer, based in Paris, France. She has won many prizes and has already been published on The New York Times, Fou de Patisserie, Saveur magazine, Gourmet Traveller (AUS) and many more.

A food photograph by Joann Pai
Photo by: Joann Pai

Joann Pai on the web: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Who’s your favorite food photographer?

Do you have a favorite food photographer that you would like to see on this list? Please nominate them below and we will consider adding them to our list when we update it.

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