Top 10 Phone Camera Accessories To Improve Your Photos

Are your smartphone camera images lacking? The key to success could be to invest in some new phone camera accessories.

The technology in smartphone cameras is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As a result, they produce increasingly impressive photos. But did you know there are also plenty of physical phone camera attachments available to help you improve your mobile photography?

Here’s our selection of the must-have phone camera accessories that’ll take your phone photography to the next level.

Olloclip Wide-Angle + Macro Intro Lenses

The Olloclip Wide-Angle smartphone lens
The Olloclip Wide-Angle smartphone lens could help you get more creative with your mobile photography.

One of the best camera gadgets for getting more creative with your shots is an add-on lens. They work by changing the magnification of your existing phone camera lens.

You can choose from Macro, Wide-Angle, Fisheye and Telephoto lenses, among others.

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The range offered by Olloclip are most well-known among iPhone users, but are now compatible with most devices thanks to the new multi-device clip.

The Wide-Angle lens is great for capturing great architecture photography and travel photography.

An image of an old ship take with an Olloclip Wide-Angle lens
Include more detail in your shots with an Olloclip Wide-Angle lens. The left image was taken without the lens and right was with the Olloclip lens.

They offer an intro kit for about $40, which includes Macro and Wide-Angle lenses. This is a great introduction to Olloclip lenses.

JOBY GorillaPod GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse

The best way to get sharp phone images is to keep your device steady when you take the shot.

GorillaPods are flexible tripods by JOBY, which are perfect for stabilising your shots. They are so flexible and can attach almost anywhere–they could even help you find new photographic angles.

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The GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse is a must-have phone camera attachment. The tight grip mount is a universal fit for all phones and holds any device securely in or out of its case. Furthermore, the spring-loaded attachment makes it easy to mount your phone, plus it’s magnetic!

You can use the strong magnetic feet to attach to a metal surface, or stand it up to use in a traditional tripod style. Alternatively, bend the legs around something to wrap and hold it in position.

Buy the GorrillaPod if you are looking for a lightweight tripod to complement your mobile photography. It’s one of the most versatile phone camera accessories and great value at around $50.

Godox Ami Smartphone Flash

The Godox Ami smartphone flash is a great choice among phone camera accessories
The Godox Ami smartphone flash will illuminate more than your built-in phone flash.

Your mobile probably already has a built-in flash, but sometimes that is simply not enough light.

This is when an add-on flash comes in handy. The Godox Ami Smartphone Flash is a great choice as it can be used with both the front or back camera lenses on your phone.

It can also be used as an off-camera flash too; allowing you to light your subject from any angle, without being tethered to the phone. It is lightweight and offers far more versatility than a regular plug-in phone flash.

You can connect it to your phone via bluetooth and control it via an app. Plus you won’t need to worry about it draining your phone battery, as it’s charged separately via a USB cable.

The Godox Ami Smartphone Flash being used as a continuous light source
The Godox Ami Smartphone Flash can also be used on its own it as a continuous light source.

Invest in an external flash to take your mobile indoor photography to the next level. This is a versatile extra light source for just $40.

Punkcase Waterproof Case

A Punkcase waterproof case is among the best phone camera accessories
This waterproof case from Punkcase removes worry if you get your phone wet.

Mobile phones and water do not mix. But don’t worry, you can shoot in all weathers and even the sea, with this waterproof case.

This fantastic case from Punkcase is waterproof, snowproof and even shockproof. Plus it’s very affordable with a price tag of just $40.

These cases are phone model specific and slim, so will fit each brand like a glove, without adding excess bulk.

This case is perfect for outdoor photography, as you never know when the weather will change.

It’s also a good choice if you are shooting by (or in) the sea or a pool, or if you are taking shots of pets or people near bodies of water.


A Popsocket mobile phone holder is one of the best phone camera accessories
A Popsocket can help prevent your phone slipping out of your hands.

Many mobile phone designs are beautiful, but that beauty is not necessarily easy to hold. Phones all too frequently slip out of our hands when we’re ready to take that perfect photo.

A PopSocket attachment can help you gain a better grip on your phone. Simply stick it to the back of your phone, then expand it to get a better grip of your phone.

It can be used as a stand to steady your phone, and can be particularly useful in low light conditions to help prevent blur resulting from camera shake.

PopSockets are one of the cheapest phone camera accessories at around $10 and there’s one to suit everyone, with lots of designs and styles to choose from.

SNAP! Bluetooth Shutter Grip by bitplay

A SNAP! Bluetooth Shutter Grip attached to a smartphone
Give your smartphone a traditional camera feel with the SNAP! Bluetooth Shutter Grip.

Do you miss the sturdy grip of a traditional camera when taking shots with your phone? Well miss it no more, with bitplay’s SNAP! Bluetooth Shutter Grip.

This ergonomically designed grip enhances the usability of a phone for taking photos, while the sensitive Bluetooth-connected shutter button ensures you don’t miss the moment.

It fits on most smartphone models and works with native camera apps directly, so there is no need to install additional apps.

The grip also allows you to connect to a traditional tripod and, conveniently, the removable shutter button can be used as a remote trigger.

At $50 it’s a nifty extra to give you a more traditional camera feel when taking photos on your phone.

Mooni Remote Trigger

A Mooni mobile phone camera remote trigger
Take a photo without touching your phone with the Mooni remote trigger.

Every now and again you need to step away from your phone to get a better photo. This is possible with a remote trigger.

This stylish remote from Mooni pairs with your phone via Bluetooth. It works seamlessly with native camera apps, which means no shutter lag.

Removing the need to touch your phone eliminates the risk of camera shake, which is also important when taking photos in low light.

Remote triggers are also great for nature photography–you can set up your phone and move away from the animal, so you don’t disturb them.

This phone camera attachment is also useful if you want to be in the photo yourself. It is a bargain at just over $10.

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Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

The Mophie Juice Pack on a smartphone extends battery life
The Mophie Juice Pack phone case extends the battery life of smartphones.

There is nothing worse than when the low battery warning flashes on your phone mid-shoot. Worry no more, extend your shooting time with the Mophie Juice Pack.

A battery within a phone case, you’ll barely notice you have an extra battery connected thanks to the streamlined design. It’s overall look and feel is very similar to a traditional phone case.

The pack boasts up to a staggering 31 extra hours of battery life! Admittedly, if you’re an avid shooter, this will vanish fairly quickly, but it should still be plenty of extra time.

This attachment will set you back around $80. But if you’ve been caught short in the past with a dead battery, this will be money well spent.

Zenic Mini Folding Photography Studio

A Zenic Mini Folding Photography Studio
Invest in a Zenic studio if you want studio quality shots of small objects.

We don’t all have access to a photography studio, but never fear, there’s a handy smartphone solution. This Mini Folding Photography Studio from Zenic enables your small subjects to take centre stage.

You can choose from an array of six different coloured backgrounds to complement any object. And the two adjustable LED light strips enable you to illuminate your subject to perfection.

The collapsible and portable design makes it perfect to use on the go, and the kit even comes with a mini phone holder to keep your smartphone steady.

A mini studio is a must-have for anyone who takes macro and still life photography on their phone. This is one of the great low-cost investment phone camera accessories, available for under $20.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux Power Bank for smartphones
Recharge your phone time and again with the Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux Power Bank portable charger.

Smartphone batteries are not renowned for long life, and the more you take photos with your camera phone, the quicker the charge will vanish. Cold weather can also drain your battery.

But you can get plenty of extra power with the Anker PowerCore 1000 Redux Power Bank portable charger.

Simply connect it to your phone and watch the battery life flood back. You’ll typically get between two and four full phone charges, depending on phone model.

It weighs in at just 180g so you’ll hardly notice you have it with you. It’s the perfect portable lightweight power bank for mobile photography.

If you are a keen travel photographer, this is the charger for you. A great investment at around $35, this is very handy for when access to a regular charging point is limited.

Have Fun Choosing your Phone Camera Accessories

As you can see there many different camera gadgets out there, for many different kinds of smartphone photography. There is bound to be something in this selection which will help improve your mobile snaps.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and pick up some new phone camera attachments. It will work wonders for your phone photography.

Now that you’ve finished this article, you’re a better photographer.


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