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Best Photo Books In 2019 | Affordable And High-Quality Prints

Photo books are great to showcase your favorite images from holidays, parties and other occasions. Plus, they make for great conversations when you have visitors who are interested in your photography and adventures.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best photo books available now across several countries in terms of prints, customization options, price, and quality.

Plus, we were surprised by how easy it is to use these photo book editors to create professional-looking book designs.

1. Adorama Pix

Quality photo books with flexible editing options

An Adorama Pix soft cover book on a table
Adorama Pix offers ‘Lay Flat’ photo books, which allow you to display images across the center binding of pages with no gutter or breaks.

Adorama Pix print their photo books on quality paper with rich color reproduction that really stands out.

They offer a range of book covers including hardcover, softcover, fabric and also leather options. Their ‘Lay Flat’ photo books allow you to spread images across the center of two pages with no gutter or breaks. We tested that with one of our landscape images and it came out beautifully.

A hardcover book from Adorama
Adorama offers a range of cover options, including hardcover.

Cover images are clear and their binding is structured. Adorama photo book editor offers flexible options to add text, structured templates, a range of clip-art, and even different backgrounds.

Hardcover books start at $41.99 for an 8×8-inch, 20-page book. Further options are available at extra cost; such as more photo paper choices, the removal of the Adorama logo, or the addition of a presentation box.

2. Picaboo

Fully customizable photo editor and textured flyleaf paper

A range of Picaboo books
There is a wide range of photo book options available from Picaboo.

Picaboo doesn’t solely focus on photo books, they offer a range of products to showcase your images. But for now, we’ll focus on their photo books.

Cover images on Picaboo books are very sharp, without over-sharpening, and contain rich color reproduction. Their paper is thick and uses textured flyleaf, which gives a classy appearance and protects the print quality.

We were very impressed with the Picaboo’s photo book editor which offers fully customizable options for creative and flexible control. It is easy to use and has options to cut out shapes, attractive templates, plus photo editing.

An 8×8-inch, 20-page hardcover book costs $34.99. There are cheaper and more expensive options available, including the customization of premium books. Picaboo also offers regular users coupons for lower prices, which makes this a great photo book option.

3. Shutterfly Photo Books

An affordable option that works for both beginner and pro photographers

Shutterfly photo books
You get full creative control with a variety of custom options with Shutterfly.

Shutterfly photo books boast sharp print reproduction; images maintain a lot of detail along with great contrast, skin tones, and color. Plus, on our test print, we noticed the details in the darker areas of images are well preserved.

There are a wide variety of customization options available that provide full creative control, plus a great range of font options for text, as well as various layouts, backgrounds, and clip art.

Cover materials on offer include cloth, leather, and linen. Their paper is medium-weight with high-quality textures. The spines are solid and secure, giving the books with a quality feel and look.

A 20-page, 8×8-inch, hardcover book costs $29.99. There are additional options for smaller, cheaper books, or larger, more premium products. Plus there are books for professional photographers with their Professional Flush Mount Albums.

4. Mixbook Photo Co

High-quality photo books with a fantastic book editor

A book from Mixbook
There is a wide range of photo book editing options on offer from Mixbook Photo Co.

Mixbook Photo Co produces high-quality photo books with clean covers and tight, secure bindings. Their print quality boasts bright, clear images with great contrast. However, sometimes images can be overexposed and lose a small amount of detail.

We loved the wide range of editing options including layouts, backgrounds, borders, and photo cut-out shapes. They also have a variety of ready-made themes or templates including family, wedding, travel, and every day. Plus you can add text and images without the need for a place holder.

Mixbook Photo Co book themes
Mixbook Photo Co offers a range of ready-made themes to help you customize your photo book.

An 8.5×8.5-inch, 20-page, semi-gloss, hardcover photo book costs $34.99. Additional finishes including full gloss and matte are also available at extra cost. Plus they offer mini-books; great for sharing your memories with family.

Mixbook also offers users discount coupons for reduced price products.

5. Artifact Uprising

Premium photo books with pages made from recycled material

An example of an Artifact uprising publication
Artifact Uprising offers a range of high-quality photo books.

Artifact Uprising offers premium photo books that contain solid bindings and heavy-weighted pages made from recycled materials. We were skeptical at first but when the photobook arrived, we were pleasantly surprised.

The photos came out with great color saturation with well-exposed mid-tones and highlights. Images are sharp, without over-sharpening, however, they can sometimes seem flat if they contain too many dark tones.

Customization differs depending on the type of book chosen. Options range from basic edits to more detailed ones, including multi-photo layouts, embossing choices and text options. There is also a large choice of cover colors, depending on the design chosen.

A range of publications from Artifact Uprising
There is a wide choice of cover colors, depending on the type of book you choose.

A 7×7-inch, 30-page, hardcover photo book including a choice of colored fabric cover and embossed text in gold, silver or bronze, costs $49. However, cheaper, smaller, soft-cover books are available, with prices starting at $15.99.

6. Zoomin

Best photo book service in India

An example of a Zoomin photo book
India-based Zoomin offers a range of high-quality photo books.

Zoomin is based in India and creates high-quality photo books with secure bindings and medium-weighted pages.

The photo reproduction is bright with highly saturated colors, plus image detail is clear without over-sharpening. They offer a range of beautiful occasion-associated themes, as well as further personalization opportunities.

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There are many text options available, plus various clip art and even borders to add some personal flair.

An 8×8-inch, hardcover photo book starts at 899 rupees, or $13. Cheaper books, as well as larger, more expensive options, are available.

There are also discounts and cashback options available.

7. Photobox

Best photo book service in the UK

An example of a Photobox digital photo book
UK-based company Photobox offers high-quality, classic photo books.

Photobox offers high-quality, classic photo books with solid bindings.

Their printing is high quality, with vivid colors that jump out from the pages. Tones, contrast, and exposure are all balanced, plus images are clear and sharp.

Photobox offers a range of cover materials including hardcover, soft, wood and padded.

Two different Photobox digital photo book cover options
There is a range of cover materials and design options to choose from.

They boast an easy-to-use photo book editor that contains more than 80 templates and options for customization. There is also a range of text options, borders, and backgrounds to add personal touches.

An 8×8-inch standard hardcover book starts at £34.99, or $43, with cheaper and more expensive options available for alternative sizes.

Various discounts and sales deals are also available to lower prices.

8. Motif Photos

Affordable option boasts simple customization

A Motif Photos digital photo book

Motif Photos digital books are slick and their paper is of a quality weight.

Their print quality boasts balanced, vibrant colors and contrast, with a good amount of detail. However, sometimes can be over-sharpened.

Motif’s limited software encourages simple, quick and easy customization, thanks to a handful of templates. There are also various image edits available including pan, rotation, and opacity.

An 8×8-inch, 20-page, hardcover photo book costs $24.99. There are additional options for cheaper or more expensive photo books, with the addition of 2-page spreads at $1.58 a time.

The products are of a lesser quality compared with other competitors, but, they are cheaper and the creative process is much simpler.

9. Blurb

Photobooks for professional photographers with Advanced design options

A Blurb digital photo book
Blurb accepts photo book designs made using Adobe InDesign or PDF.

Blurb books are a great choice for more advanced photographers.

They offer smooth, classy covers with weighted interior pages. The print colors are accurate, with balanced tones, brightness, and contrast.

However, occasionally, there may be slight grain or a pinkish hue. Also be wary when choosing an image for the cover, as photos can appear darker once printed, losing detail.

Blurb’s photo book editor is quick and easy to use, plus there are 4 style choices for simple customization. It is designed for the minimalist who wants professional-looking pages.

There are 6 paper types, 6 book sizes, and 3 cover design options to choose from when designing your photo book. Plus you can create trade books, magazines, and even e-books.

Blurb's range of 3 different digital photo book cover styles
Blurb offers 3 difference cover design options for their digital photo books.

You even have the option to design your own book using Adobe InDesign or PDF: they accept uploads of projects created using both formats. Alternatively, you can upload your images direct from Adobe Lightroom.

The price of a 7×7-inch, 20-page, black hardcover book is $28.99. Additional sizes, page changes, and logo removal are also available at extra cost. If that is a bit pricey, you can also try MagCloud photo books. MagCloud is owned by Blurb. So they have the same print quality but the price is lower (Source: PhotoBlog member Abigail)

10. Kodak Photo Books

A high-quality, eco-friendly option

Kodak book example

Kodak offers high-quality books with eco-friendly pages and heavy-duty secure binding, that is 4-times stronger than other companies.

Kodak’s bright, vivid image reproduction meets high expectations, plus they are sharp and retain detail, even in dark areas.

Kodak’s book creation editor is simple and easy to use, ensuring minimal confusion and quick creation, even on your smartphone. Photos and text can be resized and rotated, however, there is no option to add multiple backgrounds.

An 8×11-inch, hardcover photo book costs $34.99. There are additional options for other sizes and further alterations at extra cost.

Over to You

A range of photo books stacked on a table
We’ve listed a range of photo books to suit most needs.

We’ve listed something for everyone here, from low-cost options with surprisingly high print quality to services for advanced photo book editors.

Each option can be suited to individual styles, budget and photography experience. So we encourage you to test their book editors and see if you like it.

Which is your favorite photo book company? Are they included on our list? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

Disclaimer: Our reviews are based on personal experience and extensive research by qualified photographers. We pride in keeping these reviews unbiased. Products may contain affiliate links from which we earn a small commission without any additional cost to you. Your support funds our research as well as platform.

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