18 Brilliant Photos From The PhotoBlog 365 Project Calendar Challenge – January Edition

At the close of 2016, we released a handy little calendar that offered a photo prompt for each day of 2017. We wanted to do this because we know how difficult it can be to maintain a 365 project. (Unless you’re our very own Helen Hooker, who has been making it look easy for eight years straight!) Coming up with an idea for a photo every day can get really tedious, really quickly. So, on a daily basis, we gave you a somewhat vague idea and challenged you to run with it and capture some truly creative shots.

It’s only been a month since we’ve started, but, holy wow, you are all absolutely killing it!   We’ve seen our hashtag pop up all over the internet. It’s pretty cool to have that much reach and be able to help so many people find their way to a successful 365 project once and for all.

Some Of Our Favorite Shots So Far From The PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge

And because of the project has been so widespread, we wanted to make it a little easier for everyone to find what their fellow 365ers have been up to. Here’s a selection of some the shots we’ve seen contributed to the#PhotoBlog365 project during the month of January.

Ian Mckenzie

About the photo: 25/365 – “Transportation” 


PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge

Anthony Sookram

About the photo: “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.”

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PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge

Desirae Deal

About the photo: 23/365 “Frosty” Desirae was assigned our 365 calendar as part of her advanced photography course at Arkansas Tech University by her professor, Liz Chrisman.

The PhotoBlog challenge for January 23rd, 2017 was “Frosty”. The weather in Arkansas has been anything but frosty, so I had to get a little creative. My daughter is always happy to model for my photos, especially if makeup is involved. So I tried to convey “Frosty” through her makeup. This was set up in my laundry room using a tree skirt as a backdrop.

I am taking an advanced photography class, and the professor assigned the PhotoBlog365 challenge at the beginning of the semester. It is helping my photography in so many ways. I am more aware of my surroundings, and I am constantly looking for unique ways to capture my photo of the day. -Desirae Deal


PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge

Life Stories By Hoang

About the photo: 010/365 – “DARK” “I can show you the power of the Dark Side!” Model = Jagger Nguyen

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PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge
About the photo: 13/365 “A beautiful sight”


LNZPhotography (Lindsey Robertson)

About the photo: 30/365 – “What is it?”

Facebook | Webpage


Gene McDaniel

About the photo: 1/5/2017 – Office Building, Abstracted



Thomas Glaser

About the photo: 28/3653 “Helios” – Thomas took this photo using a Sony Alpha, an old Helios M42 lens, 1x Yongnuo YN622C-TX Wireless Flash Controller, 3x Yongnuo YN-622C Wireless Flash Triggers, 2x Canon Speedlite 430EXII, 1x Canon Speedlite 270EXII



Henry Faber

About the photo: 9/365 “Boots”

Instagram | Website


Eda Ozkayalar

About the photo: 23/365 “Frosty”


best-of-photoblog365-eda ozkay


About the photo: 28/365 “Frosty”



Shalom Joseph

About the photo: 19/365 “Contentment”



Paul Guebara

About the photo: 8/365 “Sunrise”

This project has been amazing to be part of. I have trouble with commitment and finishing most things. It has allowed me to have some accountability. I take most pics with my iPhone and new Sony a6000. They are all for fun. This pic in particular is special because me and a friend  dragged another friend out who never hikes. We hiked up about 1.5 hours before the sun came up and I captured this special shot. It’s definitely a favorite. -Paul Guebara



Andre Castellan

About the photo: 18/365 “C is for…” Canada, of course!

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About the photo: 16/365 “Someone I care about…my grandma Delfina.”



Phillip Warren Photography

About the photo:

Instagram | Facebook | Website


Camilo Bustos

About the photo: 7/365 “Cold”




About the photo: 5/365 – Magic



Okay, friends, that’s it at that for now. But be sure to check the hashtag out over on the platform and your social media. There were thousands of posts to choose from, making this list especially hard to curate! That being said, we don’t want you to miss out on anyone else’s awesome photos. In the spirit of sharing, feel free to leave your favorite shot from the month of January in the comments below–we’d love to have peek!


If you’d like the opportunity to be featured in the Best of PhotoBlog 365 Project Challenge – February Edition, be sure to grab your free calendar, take your photos, upload them to the PhotoBlog platform, and add the #PhotoBlog365 hashtag so everyone can find your photos more easily.

If you’re uploading your shots to social media make sure you tag/mention PhotoBlog so we’re sure to see to see your entries. You can find us here: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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