47 Best Photography Blogs in the World

We all need some inspiration from time to time. We similarly need to keep up with new technology that is constantly coming out. Whether you’re a beginner or professional photographer, reading photography blogs will keep you up to date on what is happening in the photography world.

Choose a few blogs that you find the most interesting and visit them regularly to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the photography world.

Educational Photography Blogs

These blogs are some of the best for you to go to if you are just getting started. You can also read these blogs if you need some extra training or if you want to learn new techniques. As you get more ambitious in your photography projects, your skillset will subsequently grow.  

Learning is key!

1. Digital Photography School

A photo of the digital-photography-school.com

Digital Photography school is one of the best go-to resource websites if you want tips and tricks and how-tos about anything photography related. From photo tips to what gear is best, the articles are always easy to read and are written by photographers who love sharing their knowledge with fellow photographers. 

2. Creative Live

Creative Live hosts some of the best and most creative instructors in the photography business today. For instance, they offer courses from starting your photography business to mastering a photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. There are hundreds of photography classes including some very specific like Become a Wedding Photographer, for example.

Creative Live classes will help you become the best photographer that you can be. The blog posts are written by industry professionals sharing top-notch knowledge and insights into the world of photography.

3. Learn by PhotoBlog.com

Naturally, the post you’re reading right now comes from a collection of photographers eager to share their thoughts on photography as a whole.  This isn’t a blog written by just one voice, but rather a collaboration of artists who all have their own techniques and niches to share with you.  If you’re looking for varied and balanced articles, PhotoBlog.com’s Learn is the blog for you! Better yet, you can start your own photography blog using our blogging platform.

A photo from PhotoBlog's "Learn" photography blog. "Learn" blog features both educational and inspirational content
Photo by: Joshua O’Donnell

4. ISO by 500px

Another photo sharing site, 500px publishes articles to encourage its members to continue to explore their artistic skills.  And if you have a 500px profile, you can use it to not only share your work but profit off of it.

Photo by: Simone Gramegna
Photo by: Simone Gramegna

More Blogs for Learning Photography

5. Photo Focus

Photo Focus site is stacked full of resources regarding photography industry news, gear reviews, and tutorials. It has a section that focuses on the business of photography if you need helpful information to start your own photography business.

6. DIY Photography

This blog offers tips and tricks and also easy how-tos for the beginner photographer who wants to do projects without spending too much on gear and expensive equipment. It has tons of helpful articles to get you up and running in no time.

7. SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge is a tutorial and workshop based site that offers hundreds of classes and resources for all levels of photographers. You can learn some simple basic tips and also some of the more advanced and complex techniques.

8. Expert Photography

If you are just getting started in the industry, Expert Photography provides an extended beginner’s section. You can find helpful guides that show you how a camera functions and also everything else that you need to know to get you up and running. 

9. Photography Axis

Photography Axis focuses on Nature, Birds, and Wildlife. Written by Govind Vijayakumar who has traveled to many places photographing many bird and animal species. He shares his photography experiences, tips, tutorials, camera gear reviews, and post-production tutorials via the blog.

Photography Blogs by Famous Photographers

Some photographers have made a name for themselves in the industry and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. From wildlife photographers to fashion photographers. Lots of photographers have their own blogs. Read up on some of these photogs to keep you inspired and motivated.

Psst… Do you want to start your own photography blog? Click here to start one in just 5 minutes!

10. Humans of New York

A screenshot of Humans of New York blog

Brendon Stanton started photographing people on the streets of New York City a few years ago and his project has since grown into an astonishing cultural and social success story. Every photo-story he posts is inspirational, sometimes heartbreaking, and always authentic.

11. The Sartorialist

A screenshot from thesartorialist.com

Scott Schuman is a photographer and blogger who focuses on fashion, specifically street fashion. He photographs real people and their relationship with fashion in their everyday lives.

12. Joe McNally

A screenshot of the joe mcnally photography blog

Joe McNally is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed photographer whose personality and photo techniques are infamous in the industry. His personal blog highlights some of his latest projects and his ideas on the world of photography.

13. Andy J. Scott

One of  PDN’s 30 2017: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, Andy J. Scott strives to capture fashion in a timeless mode, abstracting today’s fads from an industry which is certainly centered on trends.  If you’re looking to find someone new on the scene, this up and comer is one to watch!

A Photo by Andy J. Scott
Photo by: Andy J. Scott

14. Where’s Jay

Jay Dickman is a Pulitzer Prize winner and National Geographic photographer.  His posts will share his travels around the world with you, while also telling you about workshops you can attend.  Naturally, all of this is interspersed with beautiful photographs.

A photo from photography blog "Where's Jay". Photo by Jay Dickman
Photo by: Jay Dickman

15. Into The Night Photography

Royce Bair is a photographer renowned for his nightscape photography.  Into The Night Photography will teach you how to capture stunning shots of the Milky Way that you would have otherwise thought beyond your reach. The blog also covers some of his upcoming workshops.

16. Asilda Photography

Follow the in-depth writings of Anastasia Petukhova as she shares her insights on the creative process, gear reviews, and the effects of technology on the art world.  Coming from a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery Program, these words are not ones to miss!

Photo by: Anastasia Petukhova
Photo by: Anastasia Petukhova

More Blogs from Great Photographers:

17. Joey L.

Joey is a talented photographer with quite an impressive portfolio. His work has appeared in National Geographic and he has photographed some pretty famous faces over the years.

He likes to share his knowledge and impressive techniques by offering tutorials, videos, and simple how-tos on his personal blog.

18. Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie is a regular National Geographic contributor and has documented women’s rights issues in several photo projects. Her blog is very personal where she lets you get a glimpse into her life as a woman in the photography industry, for instance.

19. Scott Kelby

Scott is a seasoned photographer and author who has a huge online presence with his community of followers who turn to him for insights, Lightroom tutorials, and Photoshop tutorials, and much more. He also provides valuable reviews about photo gear and equipment.

20. Marc Silber

Marc Silber is an award-winning photographer who penned the best selling book Advancing Your Photography. On his blog, you will find personal stories, reviews, and general photography related articles.

Inspirational Photography Blogs

We can sometimes feel sudden slumps in our creativity. We occasionally question our projects and our incentives. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to head out to admire inspiring photos. Or on some days, it’s simply a joy to browse some beautiful photographs.

Need a boost of creativity? Head to any of these blogs for some instant inspiration.

21. 1X

A screenshot of the 1x.com blog

The 1X Magazine-type blog website is a great place to browse curated images and to get inspired by up-and-coming and also established photographers. They feature a Photographer of the Week showcasing some of their best work. They also hold contests to provide exposure opportunities to talented photographers.

22. Feature Shoot

A screenshot of fetaureshoot.com

Feature Shoot showcases some creative photographers and artists that tend to work in the social and environmental fields. The site offers opinion pieces that can consequently open up some reflections of your own regarding your photography and projects.  

23. 123 Click

A screenshot of 123clicks.com

This site is dedicated to fine art and beautiful photography. They showcase and interview photographers, as a result providing the site with inspiring and beautiful images. The interviews are personal and give us a glimpse into each artist’s life and views.

24. The Phoblogapher

A screenshot of the photography blog "the phoblographer"

The tagline for this site is “The Psychology of Creative Photography”. The Phoblogapher covers everything from inspiring photographers to gear reviews.

25. Resource Magazine

A screenshot of the photography blog resourcemagazine.com

Resource Magazine is a magazine aimed at adepts in a variety of creative industries. You can read some great articles about innovative endeavors and also interviews with artists, photographers, influencers, and more. 

26. The Photo Argus

A screenshot of the photography blog thephotoargus.com

The Photo Argus website is the place to go if you want to read and see some great and unique photography projects. Get inspired to create your own photography projects.

27. Deposit Photos

A screenshot of depositphotos.com blog

Deposit Photos is a stock photography website that hosts some beautiful and inspiring photography from a multitude of photographers in a variety of categories. It’s certainly inspiring to see what other photographers are doing. 

28. Loaded Landscapes

A screenshot of loadedlandscapes.com blog

Loaded Landscapes is a website about everything landscape photography related. You want to learn more about landscape photography? Get some helpful tips and tricks? Or maybe you simply want to view some beautiful landscape photography. This site has it all.

29. The Fashion Camera

A screenshot of thefashioncamera.com blog

The Fashion Camera website is the place to go ff fashion photography is your thing or if you are interested in getting started in this type of photography. For instance, it covers everything fashion photography; from designer photo shoots, to behind the scenes sneak peeks.

30. Found

National Geographic’s Found is a curated collection of photographs steep in history.  The National Geographic archives extend far back in time, and Found is an attempt to remind us of what has been. Found is one of the best photography blogs if you are into getting lost with old photographs.

A photo from "Found" Photography Blog by Nat Geo. A Photo by: Hand Hildenbrand
Photo by: Hand Hildenbrand

31. Minus Manhattan

Minus Manhattan is a photography blog run by a creative strategist for Tumblr, Chase Turner. His images provide insight into American metropolitan culture.  Use them as inspiration for capturing your home city’s character.

A photo from one of the best photography blogs for metropolitan culture art, Minus Manhattan. Photo take by Chase Turner
Photo by: Chase Turner

32. Reportage

Celebrate the world of photojournalism with Getty Images’s collection of posts.  Images from all over the world are shared, often accompanied by a backstory that draws you in further.  Learn how to master the art of visual storytelling by following world renowned photojournalists.

A photo from Reportage. A photography blog popular for photojournalism
Photo by: Cengiz Yar

34. The Sartorialist

If combining fashion and travel is what you’re into, then The Sartorialist run by Scott Schuman should be right up your alley.  This award-winning blog brings a tangible feel to everyday fashion around the world.

A Photo from one of the best fashion and travel photography blogs, The Sartorialist. A photo by Scott Schuman
Photo by: Scott Schuman

35. Women in Photography

If you are a woman in photography, this blog is a must follow. It covers everything from inspiration, contest, and news related to female photographers.

36. Ann Street Studio

A beautiful photography blog filled with so many inspirational photo stories from the talented photo blogger Jamie Beck. She left Manhattan for a year in Provence, fell in love and decided to stay. This blog is her artistic window into her new life in Provence.

Photographer Jamie Beck’s home in Provence, in the South of France

Photography News, Events, and Reviews

Staying up-to-date with everything that is happening and all the latest equipment that comes out is practically impossible these days. However, if we want to stay relevant and competitive, we do need to keep ourselves somewhat updated and informed.

These blogs are full of helpful information and are filled with useful photography related news.

37. PetaPixel

A screenshot of the petapixel.com photography blog

PetaPixel is always on top of photography related news. The site offers a great selection of tutorials for the beginner photographer as well as the more advanced shooter. They are one of the go-to places for the latest news, gossip, and for real reviews about equipment and photography gear.

38. Fstoppers

A screenshot of the fstoppers.com photography blog

FStoppers is another one of those blog sites that is stacked with current industry news and events. The site also offers informative and useful tutorials catering to the beginner to the more advanced shooter.

There’s also a community and several online groups that you can join to share your photography with fellow photographers.

39. DPReview

A screenshot of the dpreview.com photography blog

Digital Photography Review is a top rated blog site to go to for reviews about cameras, photo gear, and equipment. It also has a very comprehensive buying guide section that can help you when deciding on your next purchases. This is the place to get real reviews from real photographers that are in-the-field testing and trying.

In addition, DPReview site also keeps you up to date in photography related news and everything that is happening in the industry.

40. PhotoShelter

A screenshot of the photoshelter.com photography blog

Photo Shelter is another one of those go-to sites for photography related news, resources, and opinions. Professional photographers write the posts. They definitely have a lot of insights and knowledge to share.  

A Few More News, Events, and Reviews Blogs

41. Light Stalking

The Light Stalking blog is a place where they showcase up and coming photographers. They have a section where they teach great shooting techniques. They also let you know what to keep an eye on in the photography industry.

42. Photography Life

This concise and relevant site keeps you updated on the latest news from the photography industry. In addition, you can find helpful reviews about cameras and gear.

43. Focus Camera

The Focus Camera blog is full of guides and tutorials. Moreover, new and trendy cameras and gear are continuously reviewed.

44. Outdoor Photographer

The Outdoor Photographer blog is where you go to read guest photographer blogs about gear, news, and outdoor photography related topics. Moreover, you can become part of the online community and share your photos.

45. Samy’s Photo Blog

Samy’s Photo Blog is filled with photography related news articles, tips, and how-tos regarding photography techniques. It’s also a great place to go to get the latest camera and gear reviews.

46. Eye Em Magazine

The Eye EM Magazine is another great place to go to get industry resources and to share insights with fellow creative photographers.

47. Camera Jabber

Camera Jabber has tons of photography related news, reviews, and how-to tutorials. It also has a “Brands” category so you can go straight to the camera brand you want information about.

In Short; Read, Learn and Get Inspired

Photography websites and blogs abound. They are useful when looking for some tips and tricks, video tutorials, or even simple how-tos. They also come in handy when looking for buying guides, getting knowledgeable reviews about cameras and gear, or simply to stay inspired and updated about the photography industry.

Therefore don’t forget to bookmark your favorites!

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