40 Best Photography Websites in 2019 For Inspiration

When I first started in photography, I was overwhelmed by the process of creating my own website. There are so many different photography websites available, where do you start?

There are various platforms/site builders to choose from, including WordPress, PhotoBlog, and Wix. Plus there are so many themes and styles.

So how do you begin?

Choose a Style For Your Photography Website

The first step is to choose a style. But which one?

I looked at other professional photography websites for inspiration; what do their sites look like? If these styles bring in clients, why not be inspired by them?

In this post, we have hand-curated 40 best photography websites for your inspiration.

A laptop on a table, open with a website home page on the screen
Be inspired by the styles of other photography websites. Photo by Le Buzz on Unsplash.

Scroll down to check the latest design trends in photography websites: from hero images (large photos which fill your screen), background videos, lots of white space, and galleries with large images, to creative calligraphy logos.

We are sure these will inspire you to create your own kickass photography website.

1. Alexis Julia

Alexis Julia is a portrait photographer from San Antonio, Texas. She has a great eye for background detail and sophisticated image editing.

She uses lots of white space and her text slightly overlaps images. We love how she used her Instagram feed as a portfolio gallery.

The home page of Alexis Julia Photo website

2. Ariana Jordan

Ariana Jordan is a portrait photographer from Richmond, Kentucky. She has more than 10 years of experience.

She is a wonderful visual storyteller and her works are dramatic, romantic, and bright. Her hero images are large, bold and take center stage on her site.

Ariana Jordan's home page is a great examples of photography websites

3. Sanz Lena

Sanz Lena is a beauty and fashion photographer from Paris. He has been in the industry since 2012. His portfolio includes editorial, still-life, beauty, fashion, and video work.

His website is clean, classy and minimalistic, ensuring his images speak for themselves.

Sanz Lena's photography website home page

4. Brandon Keith

Brandon Keith is a lifestyle, fashion and wedding photographer from Nashville, US.

His site uses hero images as a dramatic backdrop on entry pages. On insider pages, the galleries flow smoothly from left to right.

The home page of Brandon Keith Photography - another one of the great photography websites

5. Diane Villadsen

Diane Villadsen is a portrait and fashion photographer based in San Francisco, US. Her work has a clear photography style thanks to her creative use of colors, textures and plenty of sunshine.

Her website presents images in a grid formation, with white, clean backgrounds and simple fonts.

The home page of the Diane Villadsen Photography website

6. Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang is a creative portrait and landscape photographer. Her website uses a lot of white space and small text, to draw attention to her images.

The home page of Grace Chuang Photography

7. Will Bremridge

Will Bremridge is a fashion and editorial photographer from London who shoots for brands and magazines. He travels the world shooting big names in the world of music and acting, along with brand commissions.

The home page of Will Bremridge Photography website

8. Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a creative photographer and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. His YouTube channel has 3.8M subscribers and his video tutorials help others learn photography.

This self-confessed coffee addict uses large hero images on initial pages, plus a grid system for galleries, large text, and a prominent Instagram feed.

The home page of the Peter Mckinnon Photography website

9. Levon Biss

Levon Biss is a London-based photographer who specializes in portraits, documentary and macro photography. His incredibly detailed, large-scale prints of insect macro shots are each created from up to 10,000 individual images.

His website has a clear menu, with large images and a non-symmetrical grid portfolio.

The home page of the Levon Biss Photography website

10. Jason Cox

Jason is a 24-year-old photographer from Boston, Massachusetts, US. He has a background in weddings, creative portraiture, sports brand photography and gig photography.

The home page of the Jason Cox Photography website

11. Sawyer and Sawyer

Ray Sawyer is an award-winning wedding photographer from County Durham, UK. He shoots roughly 50 to 60 weddings per year, capturing spontaneous, emotional moments.

He has one of the most detailed photography websites, with a predominantly white background, but bold text which adds a splash of color.

His portfolios read in a blog-style format, which matches his blog posts, plus a slider across the top, an Instagram feed at the bottom, and links to featured weddings on his home page.

The home page of the Sawyer and Sawyer Photography website

12. Bobby Bandz

Bobby Bandz is an award-winning photographer who creates wedding photography, portraits, and fitness photography.

He currently lives in Washington DC, US, but Bobby travels widely on different photography projects. His website is simple, using white backgrounds with a single, large image on each portfolio page.

bobby bandz 's photography website

13. Jenna Mahr

Jenna Mahr is a Minneapolis-based photographer who travels worldwide on shoots.

She combines fashion photography with wedding photography, as well as building a career for herself as a model.

Her website emphasizes her photos with large, striking images alongside a simple website menu. She has split her portfolio into books, showcasing her different styles.

The home page of the Jenna Mahr Photography website

14. Ruby and Dominic

Ruby and Dominic Lemoine are award-winning wedding photographers who travel around the world.

Their style is photojournalism with a touch of fine art. Their website uses large images and a large grid gallery to showcase their stunning work.

The home page of the Ruby and Dominic Photography website

15. Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern is a professional portrait photographer and videographer.

His work has been published on websites such as Peta Pixel, no film school, Fstoppers, Adobe News, DIY Photography and Gizmodo, to name a few.

His website uses a grid gallery on the home page, with a clean logo and menu down the left-hand side. It is simple yet effective.

The home page of the Mathieu Stern Photography website

16. Jennifer Moher

Jennifer Moher tells creative stories with her wedding photography. Her stylish home page has a beautiful slider at the top featuring black and white photography. As you scroll down, her animated menus enhance her emotional and atmospheric photography.

The home page of the Jennifer Moher Photography website

17. Griffith Imaging

Griffith Imaging specializes in branding, commercial, real estate, interior, food and portrait photography. The website is clean, fresh and has a magazine-look to it, with a grid set of images that link through to portfolios. There is a handy contact us section on the home page, along with their Instagram feed.

The Griffith Imaging Photography website home page

18. Aly Kuler

Aly Kuler is an award-winning photographer who studied wedding photography at The New York Institute of Photography.

He specializes in wedding, couple and fashion photography. His website showcases his shots with a slider of hero images across the top, plus a top menu that easily navigates to portfolios.

The Aly Kuler Photography website home page

19. Pedro Oliveira

Portrait photographer Pedro Oliveira moved from Brazil to the USA at the age of 22. His images frame scenes in a cinematic way and are unique: they are beautiful, soulful and emotional.

His website showcases full screen-size images on a portfolio slider on the home page. Subsequent pages utilize a small menu across the top, with one main image and grid portfolios underneath.

The Pedro Oliveira Photography website home page

20. Lieben Photography

Lieben Photography specializes in weddings, portraits, and family photography.

Their website has an impressive hero image background slider on the home page, as well as animated menus underneath, a grid portfolio link to blog posts, and an Instagram feed.

Lieben Photography's home page

21. Liselotte Fleur

Liselotte Fleur is a 28-year-old fashion photographer from the Netherlands. She graduated from Art Academy in Rotterdam and now works with leading fashion brands and magazines.

Her website, The Fashion Camera, is suitably stylish. It is essentially a blog, complete with animated menus linking to blog posts and tips for photographers.

The Fashion Camera's home page

22. Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly is a creative wedding photographer from the UK. She has shot more than 250 couples and captures lifestyle, documentary-style images.

Her website has a clean, crisp design. It boasts a white background, a simple text menu across the top, a slider of images and an Instagram feed on the bottom.

The Fiona Kelly Photography home page

23. Kayla Fisher

Kayla Fisher is a destination wedding and portrait photographer. She captures raw emotion with her images.

Large hero images take center stage on her site, along with her intricate logo. Animated menus take you through to blog posts, testimonials, and her Instagram feed.

The Kayla Fisher Photography home page

24. Julia & Gil

Julia & Gil are a creative couple who love each other and creating beautiful wedding photography together.

Their portfolio site features a minimalistic, modern design, complete with calligraphy and eye-catching images. Each photo links through to a blog post, and further down the home page, there are testimonials, a video, and their Instagram feed.

The Julia and Gil photography home page

25. Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Bjorn is a destination wedding photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, who likes to capture the soul and emotion of a couple.

His portfolio website impresses with a beautiful, hero image background at the top. The rest of the bold home page is not afraid to mix black with white and has a lot of strong text.

It introduces him, his work, his philosophy, and his Instagram feed.

The Hafenliebe Photography home page

26. Pat Kay

Pat Kay is an award-winning freelance travel photographer. He is a visual storyteller based in Sydney, Australia.

Pat has worked with big brands including Nike, Microsoft, and Samsung, among others. His animated home page is clean and precise, complete with a small grid gallery, blog post links and a call to action ‘join the mailing list’ box.

The Pat Kay Photography home page

27. Caitlin Worthington

Caitlin Worthington is a portrait photographer from Melbourne, Australia. She started shooting at the age of 15 and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Photography in 2009.

Her dreamy images are beautifully showcased with her clean, minimalistic website. A simple menu on the left accompanies horizontal sliders featuring her portfolio.

The Caitlin Worthington photography website home page

28. Hardy Klahold

Hardy Klahold is a photographer with a unique take on wedding, portrait and fashion photography.

He likes to step back to capture the emotion in images. His landing page stands out thanks to its hero image video background. The rest of his site has a clean, sharp design with simple sliders to showcase his portfolio.

The Hardy Klahold Photography home page

29. Chris Zielecki

Chris Zielecki is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has many passions including landscape, portraiture, and wedding photography under the label Sturmsucht.

His neat and uncluttered website makes good use of a blog-style layout, combined with a white background and simple use of his striking imagery.

The home page of Chris Zielecki photography

30. Emily Olivia Photography

Emily is a wedding and family photographer based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Her stunning portfolio is beautifully showcased with a slider on her white, airy website. A feminine calligraphy logo sits on top of a simple menu that opens up to grid style galleries.

The home page of Emily Olivia photography

31. Lauren Naylor

Lauren Naylor is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, US.

Her home page portfolio has a grid layout, but it is no ordinary grid: it is taken to the next level with stunning animated gifs of scenes, amid a minimalist layout.

The home page of Lauren Naylor photography

32. Tom Hull

Tom Hull is a UK-based portrait, landscape, and advertising photographer, fascinated by people’s stories.

His portfolio website looks like a journal with a simple grid layout linking through to various campaigns. The colors are light to help his work stand out from the page.

The Tom Hull photography home page

33. Dory Younes

Dory Younes is a travel and advertising photographer and videographer, with a unique style.

His landing page boasts a full-screen video, welcoming you to embark on his travels with him. A panoramic image at the top of the page leads you to a large grid-style layout of his photography.

The home page of Dory Younes Photography

34. Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem is a commercial photographer who produces images with a message.

He has been featured in many magazines–check out his credentials in the ‘press’ tab of his website. His colorful slider gallery splits the screen to display only 2 images at any one time; adding impact to every shot.

The home page of Haris Nukem Photography

35. Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen is a documentary, fashion, and portrait photographer from London, UK.

Her work has been featured in magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Her website boasts an elegant portfolio grid layout, showcasing her stylish portraits to full effect. The same layout on the ‘documentary’ tab makes those shots all the more powerful.

The home page of Amelia Allen Photography

36. Danilo and Sharon Vasic

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a couple who shoot editorial and weddings across Europe.

They offer videography as well as photography, and their sophisticated website is a stunning showcase for their work.

Elegant with a pale background, beautiful fonts, animated menus, and streaming video, this website oozes class.

The home page of Danilo and Sharon Photography

37. Liller Photo

Lauren is a wedding photographer based in Chicago, US, who offers wedding, family, and engagement photo sessions.

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This is another simple, yet effective website. It utilizes plain backgrounds beautifully with plenty of sliders displaying her portfolio.

The home page of Liller Photo

38. Adrieana Blazin

Adrieana Blazin is based in New Jersey, US, and has created breathtaking images of animals, people and more.

Her landing page boasts one hero image, while subsequent galleries contain slideshows showcasing 1 image per page. The minimalistic design ensures her work speaks for itself.

The home page of Adrieana Blazin

39. Tayler Smith

Tayler Smith is a portrait (dogs and people), still life, events and editorial photographer from New York, US.

Her amazing work is showcased to brilliant effect on her website. Click on 1 initial hero image for each gallery, to go through to a grid layout that fills the full web page.

The eye-catching colors pop from every page, making this one of the best photography websites for inspiration.

The home page of Tayler Smith

40. Deanie Chen

Deanie Chen is a freelance travel, portrait and gig photographer based in New York, US. She uses 35mm in some of her work.

Her website is minimal but impactful. The slider on the home page showcases some of her portraits, but if you click through to other pages, you are greeted with simple grid portfolio layouts.

The home page of Deanie Chen

Design Your Dream Photography Website

There should be plenty here to help you on your way to creating your own website. You just need to decide what you want to include: be that sliders, Instagram feeds, blogs and/or grid layouts.

Which one is your favorite out of the photography websites listed in this collection? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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