10 Of The Best Street Photographers You Should Be Following

We’ve handpicked 10 of the best street photographers you should be following for inspiration. You won’t regret us introducing you to this supremely talented bunch.

Our Top Picks For The Best Street Photographers

1. Thomas Leuthard

Photographer: Thomas Leuthard | Facebook | Instagram

About Thomas: Thomas is a street photographer from Switzerland. He gets really close to his subjects. I first got into his work after reading his eBook Going Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography. I was hooked by his writing style and incredible photos. He’s a true artist with a distinct visual style, perfect for kick-starting this list.

Thomas Leuthard 1 10 best street photographers

Thomas Leuthard 2 10 best street photographers

2. JT in Seoul

Photographer: JT in Seoul | Instagram | Twitter

About Josh: JT in Seoul is the photography alias of Josh White, a Canadian photographer living in South Korea. His pictures are close to my heart because I also lived in Korea for a number of years. That being said, you don’t need to know anything about South Korea to get big kicks out of his mesmerizing street images. As well as his Instagram, his beautiful WordPress blog is well worth following.

Josh White 2JPG 10 best street photographers

Josh White 1JPG

Josh White 3JPG

3. Burn Magazine and David Alan Harvey

Burn Magazine: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

David Alan Harvey: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Burn: David Alan Harvey is a legendary American photographer. He’s a member of Magnum photo agency and has photographed extensively for National Geographic. Following him is a chance to see his stunning street and travel photography, as well as pictures from his many workshops with young and emerging photographers.

IMG_6(1) 10 best street photographers
Photo by David Alan Harvey

David also curates burn magazine. Described as an evolving journal for emerging photographers, burn showcases some truly memorable images. It’s not all street scenes, but you’ll easily find something to love.

Francesca Gennari
Photo by Taras Bychko for burndiary

4. Vineet Vohra

Photographer: Vineet Vohra | Instagram

About Vineet: Let’s continue with the color vibe. Where better in the world for color street photography than India? Vineet Vohra is fast-becoming one of my favorite photographers on the planet. His images are beautiful, at times bizarre, and often deeply moving. Also worth checking out is APF Magazine, which Vineet runs with his street photographer brother, Rohit Vohra.

Vineet Vohra 1

Vineet Vohra 2

Vineet Vohra 4

Vineet Vohra 5

5. Rui Palha

Photographer: Rui Palha | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Rui: Rui Palha is a street photographer hailing from Portugal’s capital city Lisbon. Like Henri Cartier-Bresson, I’d call him a master of the decisive moment. But, it’s not just well-captured fleeting moments featuring humans (and dogs) that Rui does so well. You should also follow him for exquisite silhouettes, geometric patterns, and a palpable appreciation for architecture.

Rui Palha 1

Rui Palha 2

Rui Palha 3

6. GMB Akash

Photographer: GMB Akash | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About GMB Akash: If GMB Akash’s photographs are anything to go by, Bangladesh is also a paradise for color photography. A street and documentary photographer from Dhaka, GMB Akash has received more than 80 international awards. The images below give a taste of how following him will enliven your Instagram feeds.

Holi is the festival of Spring, the festival of romance, the festival of the triumph of good over evil, a festival of colors and festival of fun & pranks. It is a festival to shake off the shackles of what is to be done and what is not to be done for once and loosen up a bit. Clouds of vibrant pink, green, purple, yellow, blue, orange and red powder filled the warm midday air as Hindus and others celebrated the arrival of spring at the Holi Festival of Colors. The festival, commonly celebrated in Bangladesh as similar as India with the throwing of colored powders. Celebrated in March or April according to the Hindu calendar, it was meant to welcome the Spring and win the blessings of Gods for good harvests and fertility of the land. The tradition of playing with colours draws its roots from a legend of Radha and the Hindu god Krishna. Unlike all the other festivals of Bangladesh, Hindu Holi Festival is one such festival where one can put down the social taboos and indulge in the intoxicating drinks and sweets prepared by using opium. In old Dhaka the Holi festive celebrated widely, as well in some other parts of the country Hindu community delicately play in the festive of Holi with brighten colors where Muslim to other community as well merge with them either to celebrate the festival or to indulge in color. In Holi festival the day no more belong to Hindu community in Bangladesh it become a general day of color celebration and thus fraternity well established in all over Bangladesh through bonding of colors. 10 best street photographers

Akash (1)

Akash (4) 10 best street photographers

GMB Akash (3) 10 best street photographers

7. Street Hunters

Photography Collective: Street Hunters | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Street Hunters: The Street Hunter collective is made up of Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Andrew Sweigart, and Digby Fullam. Each member’s street photography alone is reason enough to follow, but the website’s magazine format is also packed full of tutorials, reviews, and a great deal more. There’s plenty to keep you checking in every single day.

Street Hunters 1
Photo by Spyros Papaspyropoulos



8. Jon Luvelli

Photographer: Jon Luvelli | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Jon Luvelli: Jon Luvelli has been described as a Fine Art Documentarian, whose artwork references emotions as well as conveys social messages. His calculated photographic style is easily distinguished by the romantically raw subject matter and macabre atmosphere in his pieces. I like the use of macabre atmosphere to describe the work of this award-winning photographer, journalist, and artist from Missouri, USA. His images are undeniably dark and brilliant. The man is a thrill to follow.

Jon Luvelli 4

Jon Luvelli 2

Jon Luvelli 3 10 best street photographers

9. Yanidel

Photographer: Yanidel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Yanidel: Follow Yanidel and see Paris burst to life in glorious color before your eyes. A few years ago, he quit his job and left on an 80 week trip around the world. Through blogging about these travels and writing articles dedicated to street photography, he increased his exposure and began to sell images. For my money, he’s one of the most exciting and unique street photographers out there.


10. Linda Wisdom

Photographer: Linda Wisdom | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

About Linda: Linda Wisdom is a London street photographer and social documentary artist. Her monochrome images capture candid moments of urban city and street life. I think she’s the most exciting street photographer to emerge from the London scene in a while. Other than shooting street photos, Linda spends her time traveling, teaching new up and coming photographers through her workshops, and getting her photographs into homes as wall decor by selling photo prints. Check out her excellent work below and be sure to follow her.


Linda_Wisdom_2 10 best street photographers

Linda_Wisdom_3 10 best street photographers


So there you go. That’s more than enough inspiration to enliven your feeds in the year ahead. After soaking up some of these photographers’ creative genius, why not channel it into your own street photography posts over on the PhotoBlog platform? If you’re in need of a few written pointers, then check out this post and this one we featured late last year. Happy shooting!

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