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Let’s Build an Audience for Your Photos

So you’ve opened a Photoblog account and created your first post – welcome to our vibrant community! It’s such a joy sharing beautiful photos with like-minded people and receiving feedback. Let’s have a look at some simple ways you can build an audience so your gorgeous pictures are seen by more than just you…

1. Tell Us About Yourself

Of course, all the members of Photoblog share a common passion for sharing our photos and stories with others. But we’re all individuals and it’s always fascinating to learn more about our fellow bloggers. A very simple way to do this is to complete the “About” page on your blog. This doesn’t need to be a long, complicated affair. You could share a few sentences about how you started out in photography, what your passions are and perhaps a few words about what else you do in life. Go ahead and think creatively to tell us about yourself!

Don’t forget to add a tagline, which appears on your blog’s cover photo. All you need are a few well-chosen words to encapsulate your approach to photography.

While you’re doing this, it’s a really good idea to add a photo of yourself so folks can see who you are too.

  1. Complete your own “About” and “Tagline” in Settings Page (Here’s a sample About Page)
  2. You can upload a profile photo here – it’s really easy.

2. Build an Audience Through Stories

It may be that you just want to share your photos and let them do the talking. However, it’s a good idea to include at least some text in your posts too. Your stories and writing style helps to attract and retain an audience.

Try to be personable, friendly and conversational in your text, however brief it may be, and people are more likely to return.

Words can be a great way to add context to your photo stories

Did we mention that we have one of the best editors in the world to help you tell your stories?

3. Share Your Photos Regularly

As a reader, it’s so frustrating to discover a blog which has really great content, only to find the blogger posts erratically. After a while, you give up checking their blog just in case they’ve created a new post. A better approach is to have a regular schedule so that your audience has fresh content. You can always prepare some posts that aren’t time sensitive and keep them in your draft folder for occasions when life prevents you getting out to shoot any new pictures.

A photo of a content calendar. Posting regularly is essential for building an audience for your photography blog
Photo by Brooke Lark

4. Initiate Conversations Through Your Stories

One of the best things about Photoblog is being part of a community of like-minded photographers. With more than 32,000 users, you have a huge potential audience at your fingertips.

You’ll find it much easier to start a conversation if you are proactive. So make sure to ask your visitors for opinions and comments when you post. Comments are a great place to receive critique, start conversations around a topic, and make friends. So make sure you end your posts with something that inspire your readers to comment.

Tip: When you receive comments, it’s good practice to reply to them, even if it’s just a brief thank you. They’re more likely to comment again if they feel appreciated.

5. Talk With People, Not Just at Them!

Of course, interaction is a two-way thing. Take time to visit and engage with other photo blogs that you find interesting. If you do, they are much more likely to repay the favor by visiting your blog. This doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You can spend just a few minutes over breakfast each day taking a look at other people’s posts. If you find something interesting, leave a comment or curate a photo.

Engaging with others on their blogs helps you build audiences and connections.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Tip: If you find an interesting photo blogger, just hit the Follow button and you will automatically get notifications of their new posts in your email.

6. Make Your Blog More Sticky!

Most blog visits will last just a few seconds before your reader moves on somewhere else. Your aim should be to persuade them to stick around for longer – a sticky blog!

Sharing compelling content is a really good start but there are other things you can do too.

  • Link to past posts: If you’re blogging about something that you’ve written about before, why not share a link to that earlier blog post. By doing that you’re enticing people deeper into your world and, from there, they may venture off to visit other posts.
  • Start an ongoing project. This could be as simple as photos of a place you visit repeatedly through the seasons. Your readers are more likely to follow a series of stories. Tip: you can categorize all your related posts under a single menu or use a common hash tag in all of them
  • Take a short term challenge. You could start a project that runs for a week or a month. One project I did soon after I joined Photoblog was a seven-day ‘Colors of the Rainbow’ project. Every day I posted a picture of something related to the next color of the rainbow and I found my readers came back each day to see the latest image. You could even invite readers to join the challenge!

Making sticky content in your blog encourage your visitors to come back and dive deep into your blog

7. Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media

Social media is a hugely important tool in building your audience. Sharing a link to your latest blog post on the social media can expose your blog to new people.

A photo of sharing a photography blog post on facebook
Attract new audiences to your blog by sharing your posts on your social circles such as Facebook and Pinterest

8. Encourage others to follow you on Photoblog

Of course, the simplest way for people to hear about all your Photoblog posts is to get them to follow you on the platform. That way they will receive notifications of your latest posts and they’re much more likely to visit. While good content makes people want to follow you, don’t be afraid to remind them to hit the follow button.

A photo showing a blog post requesting users to like or subscribe if they enjoyed the post

9. Find Photo Bloggers With Similar Interests and Follow Them

An advantage of being part of a blogging platform is to discover other bloggers who you find interesting.

  • Browse Popular feed to find bloggers that create interesting content.
  • Browse Tag feeds to discover content that interest you. For example, if you are into wildlife photography, be sure to check out wildlife photography tag.
  • Discover photographers with similar interests by browsing tags that you find interesting.

By following other bloggers some of them may well return the favor and follow you back. Make sure you have completed your profile, especially your tagline so they can easily make this decision.

A photo of wildlife photography posts on
To discover photo bloggers with similar interests, browse tags that are of interest

10. Join in the Forum

As well as hosting 32,000 blogs, PhotoBlog is also home to a forum and other group projects. If you have questions about anything photography related, the forum is a great place to start. Members are really friendly and helpful and being active here can only help encourage others to take a look at your blog.

A photo showing the forum with photography discussions.
Access the forum via the “Community” tab at the top.

11. Participate in Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Theme is a great way to get more eyes on your blog and build a following. You can find announcements about the latest theme here.

Of course, you can also create your own themes and challenges to develop interaction with fellow Photoblog users. This could be something as simple as asking readers of your blog to share their own photos of a subject you’re shooting, or it could be more ambitious.

12. Be Yourself and Express Who You Are

Don’t be afraid to express opinions and tell stories too. Readers like to feel they’re being taken on a personal journey with you. By expressing yourself and your opinions, you are much more likely to build a following that’s eager to interact with you. You can even ask questions of your readers. If someone has an opinion on the subject you’re writing about they are more likely to leave a comment and return to your blog another day. The more engaging you can be, the greater chance you have of visitors choosing to follow your regularly.

What Are You Waiting For?

So there you go – 12 ways to start building your audience here on Photoblog. Why not make a start by sharing the URL of your blog in the comments below – who knows, you may gain a few new friends just by doing that. I’m really looking forward to seeing what your photos!

About the author

Helen Hooker

Helen Hooker is a musician and photographer based in the UK. Helen has been photoblogging every single day since November 2008 and has a particular passion for architectural and wildlife photography.

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