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50 Free Photoshop Actions to Enhance Your Photography

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool that gives unlimited potential to photographers. While the endless possibilities are great, editing your photos can take a considerable amount of time. One effective way to reduce the amount of time you spend in Photoshop is to make use of Photoshop Actions.

What is a Photoshop Action?

An action is basically a script that applies specific adjustments to a photo. With the help of actions, you can apply an effect in a matter of seconds, rather than spending several minutes to complete the same steps manually.

Photoshop allows you to create your own actions, or you can download and install actions that have been created by other photographers. There are many different websites that sell actions, and you can also find some quality actions that are available for free.

The problem with free actions is that you need to spend many hours browsing the internet to find free actions that are of the best quality.

But don’t worry, we’ve cut out the hard work for you by putting together this collection of 50 excellent free Photoshop actions!

Below you will find a collection that includes actions that will allow you to easily create a wide variety of effects with your photos. Browse this collection, find the ones that interest you, and download them. If you’re a Lightroom user, please see our collection of 50 free Lightroom presets.

1. Sweet Vanilla Custard

Sweet Vanilla Custard Photoshop Action

2. Parisian Rain

Parisian Rain Photoshop Actions

3. Oil Painting

Oil Painting Photoshop Actions

4. Faded Cross Processing Photoshop Action

Faded Cross Processing Photoshop Action

5. Retro Cross Photoshop Action

Retro Cross Photoshop Action

6. Color Play

Color Play Photoshop Action

7. The Mini Collection

The Mini Collection

8. Photo Effect Actions

Photo Effect Actions

9. Presets Galore

Presets Galore Photoshop Actions

10. Infrared

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Infrared Photoshop Actions

11. Sunrise/Sunset Photoshop Action

Sunrise/Sunset Photoshop Action

12. Sunken Sunlight Photoshop Action

Sunken Sunlight Photoshop Action

13. Intense Warm Photoshop Action

Intense Warm Photoshop Action

14. Glacier Ice Lights Photoshop Action

Glacier Ice Lights Photoshop Action

15. Skin Retouching

Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

16. Cinematic

Cinematic Photoshop Actions

17. Cinematic

Cinematic Photoshop Actions

18. Summer Haze Photoshop Action

Summer Haze Photoshop Action

19. Misty Blue Photoshop Action

Misty Blue Photoshop Action

20. HDR Photoshop Action

HDR Photoshop Action

21. HDR Photoshop Action

HDR Photoshop Action

22. Intensity Photoshop Action

Intensity Photoshop Action

23. Soft Pastel Photoshop Action

Soft Pastel Photoshop Action

24. Vintage Landscape

Vintage Landscape Photoshop Action

25. Old Film Photoshop Action

Old Film Photoshop Action

26. Faded Film Photoshop Action

Faded Film Photoshop Action

27. Washed Matte Photoshop Action

Washed Matte Photoshop Action

28. Matte Film Photoshop Action

Matte Film Photoshop Action

29. Matte Enchantment Photoshop Action

Matte Enchantment Photoshop Action

30. Faded Photoshop Action

Faded Photoshop Action

31. Sapphire Luxe Photoshop Action

Saphire Luxe Photoshop Action

32. Cool Fade Photoshop Action

Cool Fade Photoshop Action

33. Old Black & White Photoshop Action

Old Black & White Photoshop Action

34. Black  & White

Black & White Photoshop Actions

35. Bold Black & White

Bold Black & White Photoshop Action

36. Shifted Photoshop Action

Shifted Photoshop Action

37. Split Toned Photoshop Action

Split Toned Photoshop Action

38. Split Toned Photoshop Action

Split Toned Photoshop Action

39. Buttered Toast Photoshop Action

Buttered Toast Photoshop Action

40. Nightmare Photoshop Action

Nightmare Photoshop Action

41. Ice Photoshop Action

Ice Photoshop Action

42. Glory Days Photoshop Action

Glory Days Photoshop Action

43. Pro Sharpening

Pro Sharpening Photoshop Actions

44.Artistic Effect

Artistic Effect Photoshop Actions

45. Cross Processing Photoshop Action

Cross Processing Photoshop Action

46. Retro Effect

Retro Effect Photoshop Actions

47. Lomo Photoshop Action

Lomo Photoshop Action

48. Light Leak Photoshop Action

Light Leak Photoshop Action

49. Merlot Luxe Photoshop Action

Merlot Luxe Photoshop Action

50. Color Grading

Color Grading Photoshop Actions

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How to Install Photoshop Actions

The easiest way to install Photoshop actions is to start by opening Photoshop. Once you have Photoshop open, browse your computer to find where you have saved the Photoshop actions file (it will be a .atn file). Then double click on the .atn file and it will be automatically installed. In Photoshop go to Window > Actions and you will see the list of actions and action sets that are installed. From there you can apply the action to your photos. Be sure that you save the .atn files in a safe place even after you have them installed in Photoshop. Every now and then you may open Photoshop and find that some or all of your installed actions are missing. If that is the case, just go to the place that you have the .atn file and install it again. If you need more help with installing these photoshop actions, perhaps give a read to one of these free photoshop books.


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