First Photograph Ever Taken And 20 More Historical First Photos

The history of the photograph is a relatively short time period — only 200 years. But we’ve come a long way since the first photograph was taken and the art form continues to make history even today. Here’s a look at some photography firsts.

1. First photo ever taken — 1826

An inventor named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first ever photo in 1826, which shows the view outside of “Le Gras,” Niépce’s estate in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France. He achieved this using a process called heliography, which uses Bitumen of Judea, a naturally occurring asphalt, as a coating on glass or metal.

First photo ever taken — 1826
Outside a window of an estate at Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France.
Photo by Joseph Nicephore Niépce.

2. First photo of a person — 1838

In 1838, Louis Daguerre took this image of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris where he unintentionally recorded the first person in a photograph. The man down at the bottom left getting his shoes shined was the only person on the street that paused long enough to be recorded by his long exposure.

First photo of a person
View of Boulevard du Temple in Paris
Photo by Louis Daguerre

3. First self-portrait — 1939

Selfies have come a long way since Robert Cornelius took this quarter plate size daguerreotype made outside his family store back in 1839.

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First self-portrait
A self-portrait of the photographer
Photo by Robert Cornelius

4. First photo of the moon — 1940

On March 26, 1840, John W. Draper took the first ever photo of the moon from his rooftop observatory at New York University. You can see the moon’s shape in the mirror-reversed daguerreotype.

First photo of the moon
The first photo of the moon
Photo by John W. Draper

5. First hoax photograph — 1840

It didn’t take long for the first hoax photograph to emerge. In 1840, Hippolyte Bayard fought with Louis Daguerre over who was the “Father of Photography.” Supposedly Bayard developed his photography process first but had delayed his announcement and Daguerre claimed the moment. In response, Bayard took this self-portrait of his fake suicide, claiming that he killed himself because of the feud.

First hoax photograph
First Hoax Photograph: “Self Portrait as a Drowned Man”
Photo by Hippolyte Bayard

6. First photograph of a US president — 1843

John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, was the first president to have his photograph taken. The daguerreotype was shot in 1843, several years after he left office. The first president to have his picture taken in office was James Polk, the 11th President in 1849.

First photograph of a US president
Photograph of President John Quincy Adams

7. First photo of the sun — 1845

French Physicists Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault took the first ever photo of our sun using the Daguerreotype process on April 2nd, 1845. If you look at the photo closely, you can spot several sunspots.

First photo of the sun
The first photo of the sun
Photo by Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault

8. First news photograph — 1847

Photojournalism started with this photograph in 1847. While the photographer’s name is unknown, his work has not. It’s considered to be the first ever photograph taken for news depicting a man being arrested in France.

First news photograph
A daguerreotype believed to be the first news photograph

9. First aerial photograph — 1860

James Wallace Black took the first aerial photograph from a hot air balloon on October 13, 1860. This aerial photograph depicts the town of Boston from 2,000 feet.

First aerial photograph
“Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See It,” aerial photograph
Photo by James Wallace Black

10. First color photo — 1861

Mathematical physicist, James Clerk Maxwell unveiled the first color photograph in 1861 of a three-color bow. The inventor of the SLR, Thomas Sutton, pressed the shutter button, but Maxwell is credited with the scientific process.

First color photo
The first color photograph made by the three-color method invented by James Clerk Maxwell, taken by Thomas Sutton

11. First photo of lightning — 1882

Curious if lightning really took on a zigzag shape like it was depicted in art, William Jennings captured the fury of the weather on his camera on September 2, 1882. He succeeded in showing that lightning was much more complicated than originally thought as it clawed across the stormy sky.

First photo of lightning
First photo of lightning
Photo by William Jennings

12. First tornado photograph — 1884

Shortly after the first photo of lightning came this tornado photograph. It was taken by a local fruit farmer near Garnett, Kansas on April 26, 1884.

First tornado photograph
First photo of a tornado taken in Kansas

13. First underwater portrait — 1899

Louis Marie Auguste Boutan invented his underwater camera in 1893 and after a few tests, finally took the first underwater portrait six years later. The photo is of oceanographer and biologist Emil Racovitza in Banyuls-sur-Mer in the South of France.

First underwater portrait
First underwater portrait
Photo by Louis Marie Auguste Boutan

14. First photo of a fatal plane crash — 1908

Not long after the Wright Brothers’ historic 1903 flight, was the first fatal plane crash, and the incident was photographed on September 17, 1908. Aviator Thomas Selfridge of the Aerial Experiment Association with the US Army had the unfortunate distinction of becoming the first person to die in a powered plane. Orville Wright, who was also on board, survived.

First photo of a fatal plane crash
First photo of a fatal plane crash

15. First underwater color photo — 1926

National Geographic photographer Charles Martin and botanist William Longley took the first color underwater photograph in 1926. The image of a hogfish was taken in the Florida Keys.

First underwater color photo
First underwater color picture
Photo by Charles Martin and William Longley

16. First photo from space — 1946

The first photo from space was taken by a V-2 missile, which was launched in October, 24th of 1946. The camera itself was totally destroyed when it plummeted back to earth at a speed of 500 feet per second, but the film survived.

First photo from space
Photo of the Earth on October 24, 1946

17. First digital photograph — 1957

The first digital photo was taken back in 1957; almost 20 years before Kodak invented the first digital camera. The photograph is a digital scan of a photo initially taken on film. The picture depicts Russell Kirsch’s son and has a resolution of 176×176.

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First digital photograph
Pioneering digitally scanned image of Russell Kirsch’s son Walden, 1957

18. First photo of a fully lit earth — 1972

The Blue Marble” photograph taken on December 7, 1972, is one of the most widely distributed photographic images in existence. The image was the first to show a fully illuminated Earth as the astronauts had the Sun behind them when they took the image.

First photo of a fully lit earth — 1972
The Blue Marble

19. The first photo taken on Mars — 1976

The first picture taken of Mars was taken on on July 20th, 1976 by Viking 1 after it touched down on the red plane. The photos were used to study the Martian landscape and structure.

The first photo taken on Mars — 1976
First photo of Mars

20. First photo of a black hole — 2019

Photography history continues today. The first ever photo of a black hole was unveiled on 10 April 2019. The black hole at the core of supergiant elliptical galaxy Messier 87 was photographed by the Event Horizon Telescope.

First photo of a black hole — 2019
First ever photo of a black hole

21. The first photo on Instagram!

Instagram has become the go-to place for sharing photos, so it’s only fair that we look at the first-ever photo on IG!

First-ever image on Instagram!

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