Top 10 Flickr Alternatives to Share Your Photos in 2019

Are you looking for Flickr alternatives due to the latest changes to the Flickr platform? Look no further. Here are the top 10 alternatives.

What Happened to Flickr?

In 2008, Flickr was at its peak and everyone was flocking to the platform to share their photos. However, since it was acquired by Yahoo, development has stalled.

Other photo-sharing websites and apps are now offering better features, storage, and mobile experience. Where Flickr failed to thrive, other sites have risen to offer great photo-sharing experiences.

After being acquired by Smug-mug in 2018, Flickr will be introducing a cap of 1000 photos in January 2019. If you have more than 1000 photos in a free account, those will be deleted automatically.

Top 10 Flickr Alternatives

If you’re thinking of starting a new photo sharing experience, let’s take a look at the best Flickr alternatives on the market today.


A screenshot of the

500px is a great online photo storage and sharing site with a visually stunning interface that is used by professional photographers worldwide. It’s a great place to show your best photos to the pros and be part of a large creative community.

500Px is a good Flicker alternative if you are looking for a vibrant photo community with great photos.

  • Cost: Three paying plans are available from $3.99 to $12.99 per month with each one offering unlimited uploads. The $12.99 monthly plan also offers a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography bundle. They do offer a free account that has 7 photos per week upload limit with a cap of 2000 photos (similar to Flickr).
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited with one of the pro plans.
  • Community: Strong sense of community made up of mainly professional photographers.
  • User Friendliness: Good user interface and photo organization


  • Great for photo inspiration and showcasing your work to professional photographers.


  • A lack of real photo community (follow for follow, like for like).
  • Most of the photos that trend on the site seem to be overly edited.


A screenshot of the PhotoBlog.cmo

PhotoBlog was founded in 2008 and has grown into a thriving community of photographers sharing their images and stories worldwide. It is a unique platform where you get to share your stories along with your photos. There is a story behind every photo and this platform is great if you want to make your photos more personal with your own stories.

PhotoBlog is a great flicker alternative if you miss the personable photo community at Flicker!

  • Price: $19.99 per year
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited
  • Community: Strong sense of community and sharing between members.
  • User Friendliness: Resembles other social media platforms that make it easy to navigate.


  • Excellent price point.
  • A caring and friendly photo community


  • This platform is mobile-friendly (responsive) but no mobile app yet


A screenshot of the

1X is another website geared towards art and stunning photography. Images are loaded into categories and shared with the community of fellow artists and photographers to be curated and possibly showcased. 1X hosts many creative artists and is a great place to find inspiration.

1X offers its members the chance to have their work curated weekly or monthly and critiqued by professional photographers. It is a place where even your best photos might not be published if it is not topnotch. is a good Flickr alternative if you are a professional who’s looking to publish your best of the best photos.

  • Price: 1X still have a free option but offer yearly plans between $39.00 and $99.00 with more storage capacity. Pro plans also allow you to submit more photos for curation.
  • Storage Capacity: Up to 20 photos per week to be curated.
  • Community: Strong community of professionals critiquing and curating each other’s work.
  • User Friendliness: Easy interface to navigate.


  • Amazing photos that are hand-curated
  • A chance to meet other talented photographers and get feedback


  • Fairly difficult to get your photos published due to curation

4. SmugMug

A screenshot of the

SmugMug is one of the go-to sites for professional photographers that want to showcase their work in a photography portfolio. They offer great features such as custom design, responsive layouts, right-clicking image protection, custom domain name, and the possibility of creating your own online store

It is a great flicker alternative if you were unhappy with Flicker’s outdated design.

  • Price: Starting at $5 per month up to $35
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited
  • Community: None (Smugmug is for individual sites)
  • User Friendliness: Beautiful site that is easy to organize and customize.


  • A customizable portfolio site that is great for professionals
  • Ability to sell your photos


  • No free version (14-day trial period)

5. iCloud

A screenshot of the login page

iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based storage platform dedicated to Apple users where you can store photos, files, music, and any other files. The Photo Library lets you sync your photos to all your Apple devices and Family Sharing will let you share photos, files, and music with your family members.

iCloud will create “Memories” for you with all the photos that you take throughout your devices. It can also automatically group photos into either place, people, or activity and create albums.

ICloud is a great Flickr alternative if you were using Flickr as just a storage space for your photos.

  • Price: Free for up to 5gb. Pro plans between $0.99 to $13.99 per month.
  • Storage Capacity: Up to 2tb
  • Community: None (personal sharing only)
  • User Friendliness: Very easy to use and navigate. Albums are easy to create and share.


  • Easily create, backup, and share photos


  • Only available for Apple users

6. Instagram

A screenshot of the Instagram login page

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction and is still strong and steady in the mobile photo-sharing business. With hundreds of millions of active accounts, Instagram is a stable and secure flicker alternative to share your photos in a mobile environment. Have a look at our Instagram captions posts on how to create engaging captions in your insta posts.

  • Price: Free
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited
  • Community: Did we mention it has 100 of millions of users?
  • User Friendliness: Easy-to-use mobile app with loads of features. but the desktop version lacks some features.


  • Free and great for inspiration on the go
  • Has millions of users including your Facebook friends


  • A lack of real community (likes and follows can be just a trick to get you to do the same)

7. Facebook

A screenshot of the  facebook login page

Facebook is the number one social media platform today with billions of users worldwide. It has also become the world’s largest photo-sharing community due to the personal network it offers. You can upload photos, organize them into albums, tag people, and comment on photos. Facebook also has a facial recognition feature that can help you tag your friends and family in photos.

  • Price: Free
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited but reduce photo quality
  • Community: Even though it has billions of accounts worldwide, your photos are not shown to all of them. You have to either amass a large following or pay an advertising fee to reach an audience.
  • User Friendliness: Very user-friendly and photo sharing experience is intuitive.


  • Free and easy to use/share.
  • Has a built-in audience of your friends and family


  • Compresses the size and quality of uploaded photos.
  • Can be a limited audience (unless you pay or have a lot of followers)

8. Google Photos

A screenshot of the Google Photo login page

Google Photos was born from the Google+ community and serves as a stand-alone photo-sharing platform. This option is great if you are an Android user looking for a flicker alternative to backup your photos to the cloud.

It’s free but compresses your photos automatically in the free version. You can opt for the paid monthly version if you wish to upload your photos without compression

  • Price: Default is free. They also have Google One plans starting at $2.99 per month.
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited for free but reduce photo quality
  • Community: None. It is for backing up photos and sharing with selected recipients
  • User Friendliness: As most of Google’s interfaces, Google photo is easy to navigate


  • The free version is often enough.
  • Works with AI to automatically organize and edit your photos.


  • Does not have a photo community

9. Imgur

A screenshot of the Imgur home page

Imgur is a widely popular photo-sharing website. It has grown an immense following that hosts amateur photographers who like to follow and share viral images.

It is a great Flickr alternative if you are looking to host images to be used on your website, forums, or Reddit.

  • Price: Free
  • Storage Capacity: Unlimited
  • Community:  A strong community of meme lovers
  • User Friendliness:
    Very easy to navigate and upload.


  • Free to use


  • Community is mainly focused on meme sharing and image hosting than photography

10. Canon’s Irista

A screenshot of the Canon Irista website

Canon Irista is a photo-sharing platform that is used by Canon and non-Canon users alike. Its easy album creation and sharing feature makes it a go-to website for sharing images.

It is a great Flickr alternative if you are looking for a photo community similar to flicker to share your photos. However, we are not sure about how Nikon or Fuji camera users feel about using a Canon platform 🙂

  • Price: Free for up to 15 Gb. Pro plans vary from $2.25 to $129.00 a month.
  • Storage Capacity: 100 GB up to 10 TB for Pro plans
  • Community: Holds a strong community of Canon users, but is not exclusive.
  • User Friendliness: Easy to navigate and upload photos


  • Quickly and easily share photos to Facebook and other social media accounts.


  • The community has not picked up yet and it can feel a bit deserted.

How to choose a Flickr Alternative?

Start by identifying your needs first. Are you looking for a strong photo community, a big storage plan, or a great mobile experience? Then shop around and decide which photo-sharing platform best suits your needs. Many of these Flickr alternatives offer trial periods, so give them a try before committing to a monthly plan.

Let us know what you think about our list and let us know if you are using a great Flickr alternative that we missed.

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