40 Photoshop Brushes

40 Free Photoshop Brushes To Enhance Your Photos

Ever wondered how Photoshop brushes could enhance your images?

Choosing the right brush for your image is important and can add that extra wow-factor you are looking for with stand-out features to impress your viewers.

They can range from natural to jazzy, from muted to colorful and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Photoshop brushes that have been created by different artists across the world.

Check How to Use and Install Photoshop Brushes if you need step by step instructions on how to install and use these.

The brushes are split across five categories: nature; fonts; abstract and texture; comic and fantasy; and art and painting.

What Is a Photoshop Brush?

An image of lots of different examples of Photoshop brushes
You can add all kinds of textures, patterns, shapes or colors to images with Photoshop brushes. Photo by Margarita.

A Photoshop brush is a tool to draw, paint shapes, colors, textures, patterns, and images onto layers in a Photoshop document or image.

They can also be incorporated into art and design projects to add that extra ‘wow factor’.

For help on how to install Photoshop brushes, plus to find out more about how they could work with your projects, read our article here.

Nature Photoshop Brushes

1. Plant PhotoSHop Brushes

The landing website page of Plant Free Photoshop Brushes by FixThePhoto
Add flowers and leaves to your work with Plant by FixThePhoto.

This is a set of 10 different brushes in a variety of foliage styles; including flowers, branches, grass, and leaves.

This bundle is easy to use for creative photo manipulation. The brushes provide a beautiful nature-inspired flair to any design or image.

2. Water Splash by Niño Batitis

A horse created from Water Splash Photoshop brushes by Niño Batitis
Create beautiful images with Water Splash brushes by Niño Batiks.

This bundle of brushes contains 11 variations of detailed water splashes.

The stunning picture above was created by Niño himself using this brush set. As you can see, there are unlimited creative possibilities for this brush series.

3. Snow Brushes

The home page for Snow 2 Photoshop brushes by Brusheezy
Create snow flurry effects with Snow 2 brushes by Brusheezy.

This is a multi-purpose brush set containing 15 high-quality snow blur and flurry effects.

Each brush is natural, unique and achieves a high-quality effect.

4. Smoke Brushes by Free Goodies for Designers

The home page of Smoke Brushes by Free Goodies for Designers
Smoke Brushes by Free Goodies for Designers allow you to create great quality smoke effects.

If you are looking for great quality smoke brushes for Photoshop, this is the pack for you.

Its high-resolution brushes are versatile and allow you to create some truly breathtaking images.

5. Shattered Glass by Patrick Ellasos

Shattered Glass brushes by Patrick Ellasos
Create shattered glass effects with Shattered Glass Photoshop Brushes by Patrick Ellasos.

The 12 brushes in this set have high resolution with exceptional detail.

They are fully customizable when it comes to blending and transparency. This enables users to create individual styles with simplicity and ease.

6. Fire Brushes by Niño Batitis

The Rise of the Phoenix, created by Niño Batiks, using his Fire Photoshop brushes set
‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ by Niño Batitis, using his Fire Photoshop brushes.

This is another beautiful brush bundle by artist Niño Batitis. It showcases 13 high-quality fire brush effects.

‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ image was created by Niño himself and demonstrates the endless possibilities of this phenomenal set.

7. Hair Brush Set by Para-vine

Hair Brush Set Photoshop brushes by para-vine
The Hair Brush Set by para-vine offers realistic hair detail brushes.

This is a truly realistic set of five hair stroke brushes. They are suitable for a variety of art, sketching and painting pieces.

Furthermore, these brushes can be layered up, which provides even more definition and detail to your hair strokes.

8. Feathers and Birds Brushes by Discopada

The home page for Feathers and Birds by Discopada
Add feathers and bird silhouettes to your work with Feathers and Birds Brushes by Discopada.

This is a beautiful series of 12 brushes including various feather patterns, textures and bird silhouettes.

These brushes are perfect for nature-based pieces, as well as for bohemian-inspired images and blogs.

Font Photoshop Brushes

9. Vintage Handwriting by Tom Chalky

Vintage Handwriting brush set by Tom Chalky
Add unique flair to your work with Vintage Handwriting brushes by Tom Chalky.

This is a series of 26 stunning vintage handwriting brushes, inspired by postcards from the 1900s that the artist bought at a flea market.

They are unbelievably unique and are sure to add flair to any image.

10. Magma Font Brushes by Brusheezy

Magma Font Brushes by Brusheezy
Add impact to your work with the Magma alphabet brushes set by Brusheezy.

This is such a unique and interesting brush set which is sure to add impact to your work.

It is a collection of 26 high-resolution alphabet brushes that simulate lava flow. They are suited to a variety of different projects and personal styles.

11. Watercolor Numbers by You The Designer

Examples of Watercolor Numbers brushe by You The Designer
Examples of Watercolor Numbers brushes by You The Designer.

This high-quality brush set features a collection of numbers from 0 to 9, written in a watercolor effect.

More often than not, numbers can be overlooked in comparison to letters with regards to fonts. However, these brushes will ensure that numbers in your design stand out.

12. Rustic Gold by Graphic Assets

The home page of Rustic Gold Font brushes by Graphic Assets
Add style to your lettering with Rustic Gold brushes by Graphic Assets.

This stunning expressive script is exactly what you need to add classy, enchanting lettering to any project.

It adds a more personal quality to your work. Your pieces will appear less rigid or generic.

13. Perfetto by Graphic Assets

The home page for the Perfetto font by Graphic Assets
Perfetto is another beautiful brush set by Graphic Assets.

The Perfetto font is another beautiful brush set from Graphic Assets.

It offers a dry brush handwriting effect, suited to a variety of different projects including advertising, package fonts, and even logos.

14. The Cat Has a Hat by Luke Thornhill

Examples of The Cat Has a Hat font by Luke Thornhill
If you’re after a playful font, the Cat Has a Hat by Luke Thornhill is perfect.

The Cat Has a Hat brush set by Luke Thornhill is so playful, fun and childish.

It is perfect for projects associated with childhood or photography themes including education, literature and childish art.

15. Odachi by Mehmet Reha Tugcu

The home page of the Odachi font by Mehmet Reha Tugcu
Add a touch of Asian style to your work with the Odachi brush set by Mehmet Reha Tugcu.

This Asian-inspired font set is perfect for a variety of different projects and suited to branding, graphic design, and ad typography.

It also offers multi-lingual support, which is a huge bonus.

16. True Lies by Jonathan S. Harris

Examples of the True Lies font by Jonathan S. Harris
Add some slapdash style with the True Lies font by Jonathan S. Harris.

This font brush set is so unique and offers a ‘slapdash’ style of capital letters, numbers and symbols.

This set is perfect for a variety of projects including any associated with grunge, crime or ‘backstreet’ themes.

Abstract and Texture Photoshop Brushes

17. Coffee Stain Brushes by You The Designer

Coffee Stain Photoshop Brushes by You The Designer
Give your work a ‘lived-in’ look with Coffee Stain Brushes by You The Designer.

A more unconventional Photoshop brush set, the coffee stain bundle by You The Designer features 11 varieties of coffee stain brushes.

It enhances your projects by giving them a more ‘lived-in’ appearance. It is perfect for adverts, bulletins, and posters.

18. Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

bokeh photoshop brushes cover image
Add beautiful bokeh to your designs with High-Quality Bokeh brushes

If you’d love to re-create beautiful bokeh in your images, this is the brush for you. Usually created in photography by using a shallow depth of field, you can now add it to designs with this high-quality brush set.

Bokeh can be used in a variety of different projects, such as digital marketing, posters, personal and commercial photography, as well as logos.

19. Diamond Brushes by Lavica-Photoshop

Diamond photoshop Brushes by Lavica-Photoshop
Create some bling with these Diamond Brushes by Lavica-Photoshop.

If you want to add a touch of class and flair to your projects, these brushes are perfect.

The Diamond brushes are suitable for a variety of different projects and are sure to add bling to any piece of work.

20. Stitches by Aneesah

Stitchs photoshop Brushes by aneesah
Stitch Brushes by Aneesah

This is an adorable set of brushes and includes 3 different types of stitch: cross-stitch, running stitch and zigzag stitch. Each one comes in 3 different sizes. This brush set is perfect for flyers, adverts and adding decorative borders to images or designs.

21. Square Brushes by Runswithvamps

The home page of Square Brushes by runswithvamps
Add a geometric edge to your work with Square Brushes by runswithvamps.

This is a great set of 8 simple, grain-effect square brushes of varying sizes. Using these brushes will add a sharp, geometric edge to your art, and can be used for different projects such as personal and commercial work.

22. Dynamic Light Special FX Brushes by Nathan Brown

Dynamic Light Special Effect Brushes by Nathan Brown
Add beautiful swirls to your images, like this one, with the Dynamic Light Special FX Brushes by Nathan Brown.

This brush set by Nathan Brown creates beautiful waves of light, adding a unique edge to any image. The artist himself recommends incorporating blended overlay and vivid light modes to really take advantage of what the set has to offer.

23. Watercolor Smudges and Drips by Nathan Brown

The home page image for Watercolor Smudges and Drips by Nathan Brown
Add a splash of color to your work with Watercolor Smudges and Drips by Nathan Brown.

This is another beautiful set of brushes by Nathan Brown. It contains 10 watercolor smudges and drips, each created by hand, with care.

These natural brushes are great for art-inspired projects, education, advertising designs, and logos.

24. Dripping Liquid Brushes by Lilithdemoness

The title page of the Dripping Liquid Brushes Set by Lilithdemoness
Make a splash in your work with Dripping Liquid Brushes by Lilithdemoness.

This is a set of 14 high-quality dripping liquid brushes by Lilithedemoness. It is suited to a variety of different images and work.

The colors of the brushes can be altered, from deep red and green, to yellow. The deep red color is perfect for Halloween designs. The other colors are more suitable for painting or art-themed pieces.

Comic and Fantasy Photoshop Brushes

25. Fantasy Map Brushes by Calthyechild

Fantasy Map Brushes by calthyechild
Add some olde world charm to work with Fantasy Map Brushes by calthyechild.

This set is unique and perfect for any fantasy projects that require a Tolkien-esque edge.

It’s perfect if your art needs an olde world map element. The artist has created further brush sets to complement this pack, also available on the link below.

26. Blood Splatter Brush by AnnFrost-stock

The home page for the Blood Splatter Brush by AnnFrost-stock
Blood Splatter Brushes by AnnFrost-stock

If you are looking for the perfect blood-soaked Halloween photoshop brush set, this is the pack for you. This set contains 16 blood splatter shaped brushes ideal for adding a macabre edge to adverts, digital marketing or art projects.

27. Star Photoshop Brushes by DemosthenesVoice

The Star Brushes set by DemosthenesVoice
Add sparkle and shine to your work with Star Brushes by DemosthenesVoice.

This set of star brushes is perfect for adding a mystical flair to your artwork. The collection contains 6 brushes, each one enchanting, detailed and sure to draw the attention of any viewer.

28. Comic Photoshop Brushes

The home page for Comic by Brusheezy
Comic Brushes by Brusheezy

This playful, colorful set of brushes is perfect for projects such as comic books and graphic novels. The collection contains 15 high-quality comic bubble effect brushes to help your projects stand out from the crowd.

29. Magic Spells–Moon by Treehouse Charms

Examples of TC Magic Spells--Moon brushes by Treehouse Charms
Create enchanting artwork with the TC Magic Spells–Moon brushes by TreeHouse Charms.

This set contains 21 breathtaking mystical and lunar brushes by TreeHouse Charms. The collection includes fairies, wolves, feathers, butterflies, moons and enchanting spell effects. It’s great for creating dreamy artwork, literature or personal projects.

30. Swirly Glow Photoshop Brushes

The Swirly Glow Brushes by Brusheezy home page design
Add cosmic glows to your work with the Swirly Glow Brushes by Brusheezy.

These brushes are perfect for adding a cosmic effect to your sci-fi and fantasy projects.

The brushes vary in size so there is sure to be one to suit your needs and personal style.

31. Dark Wings Photoshop Brushes

The Dark Wings Brushes logo by Hawksmont on Brusheezy
Add flights of fancy to your designs with Dark Wings Brushes by Hawksmont on Brusheezy.

If you are on the lookout for a dark, fantasy-themed edge to your art, this is a great pack for you. Perfect for Halloween, the artist has created left and right wings separately to suit your individual style.

32. Fur Photoshop Brushes

The logo for Fur Brushes by KeepWaiting
Add realistic fur textures to your work with Fur Brushes by KeepWaiting.

This brush set is multi-purpose and can be incorporated into a variety of different projects. The pack allows you to create realistic fur patterns and textures with ease. It is ideal for a whole host of work, from fantasy and literature to personal art and education.

Art and Painting Photoshop Brushes

33. Realistic Charcoal Brush by WojtekFus

Realistic Charcoal Brushes by WojtekFus
Create natural charcoal effects with the Realistic Charcoal Brush by WojtekFus.

This set was created by an artist who needed a realistic traditional charcoal brush effect. It is rare to find a charcoal brush that possesses a natural style and form–but this one does. Make sure you snap this up.

34. Tools of Mass Creation Photoshop Brushes

The logo of Tools of Mass Creation Brushes by You The Designer
Create artwork using artists’ tools with the Tools of Mass Creation Photoshop Brushes by You The Designer.

This brush set includes a selection of various artists’ tools including pens, pencils, quills, markers and more. It is suitable for many different projects, especially those with educational or art themes.

35. Sketchy Cartography Brushes by StarRaven

The home page design for Sketchy Cartography Brushes by StarRaven
Design perfect fantasy worlds with the Sketchy Cartography Brushes by StarRaven.

This brush set would be the perfect accompaniment to the Tolkien-inspired Fantasy Map Brushes by calthyechild (number 25 on our list). This collection is suitable for map design, fantasy world design, and literature; the opportunities are endless.

36. Random Doodles by You The Designer

Random Doodle Brushes by You The Designer
The 30 Random Doodles set by You The Designer is ideal for light-hearted design projects.

Thanks to its endearing childish elements, this brush set is perfect for light-hearted design projects. These scribbles are perfect for adding a more personalized edge to your pieces. They are best suited to posters, logos, adverts or personal greeting cards.

37. Painting Brushes by Sakimichan

The logo for Painting Brushes by sakimichan
Add flair and style to your designs with Painting Brushes by sakimichan.

This diverse set of 56 brushes can be used in an array of different projects.

The brushes are adaptable to a variety of art subjects, so you can be confident your personal style and flair will shine through in your work.

38. BRUSHES by AaronGriffinArt

The logo for BRUSHES by AaronGriffinArt
Create beautiful art with BRUSHES by AaronGriffinArt.

Another beautiful set of brushes for your art and paintings is the BRUSHES collection by AaronGriffinArt. The realistic ‘dab’ texture is adaptable to a variety of projects. These brushes ensure your art is always natural, precise and highly detailed.

39. Photoshop Pencil Brush by Andantonius

The logo for the Photoshop Pencil Brush set by Andantonius
Create masterpieces with the Photoshop Pencil Brush set by Andantonius.

This is a realistic, natural pencil brush set, perfect for replicating the look of a pencil sketch on paper. The brushes are high-quality and add beautiful texture to your work. They are guaranteed to take your drawings from stickmen to Da Vinci.

40. Real Markers by Eilert Janßen

The Real Markers for Photoshop brushes logo by Eilert Janßen
Make your mark with your art with Real Markers for Photoshop by Eilert Janßen.

This collection of 12 highly-realistic marker brushes replicate common art markers, such as those for linework, permanent markers or solid markers. Great for storyboards or concept art, the artist has also included extra paper texture effects within the set.

Time to Get Creative With Photoshop Brushes

You now have a variety of different brush options to choose from, which should cover all your Photoshop project needs.

Which is your favorite set? Have we missed any out? Feel free to share your comments below, plus any tips or tricks for your fellow artists. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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